Chat bots do not make for a customer service alternative. If you want to drive higher sales then deliver a better human customer experience.

Genuine customers deserve genuine customer service. Chat bots usually claim to act, chat and feel just like a real, knowledgeable human beings in the same way that interactive voice response can replace a telephonist. Chat bots aren’t real and, just like the swell of interest in IVR, turn out to be frustrating, unsatisfactory alternatives which are immediately transparent and annoy customers seeking real advice or answers.

Real 24/7 coverage from real agents

Our solution gives your business website 24/7 customer coverage, including that 40% of online traffic visiting outside regular trading hours. We offer real people trained and monitored under two tiers of management to provide a high standard of service and optimisation.

Our experience with multiple businesses and brands has shown that only 5% of your business expertise is needed for our agents to successfully field 80-90% of online queries. Often customers are looking for fast, efficient answers and proactively greeting them as they land on your webpage has been shown to increase engagement rates and conversions.

Driving conversions and leads

In the same way that virtual online assistants offer a cold, inhuman experience, leaving contact details on a static form your customers can’t guarantee is monitored is not ideal.

For customers to use your out-of-hours contact form they need to trust that you’re going to follow up and call them back.

With a real sales agent ready and waiting to chat with them, your business is more likely to gain their engagement and win their trust. For leads driven business, we can arrange for a suitable contact time and pass your leads on, your customers knowing all the time that they have interacted with a real representative agent.

Our fully managed 24/7 sales team will always beat a fake human experience. For minimal effort on behalf of your business, you could increase your website sales within the first month. We have successfully achieved this for businesses across the world ranging from global brands like Regus, Experian and Miele, through to smaller local businesses which rely on website sales to drive revenue.