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What’s the difference between having your live chat program managed by customer service providers vs. having it managed by digital marketing experts? This is what distinguishes Greechat from other live chat providers – we use our digital marketing DNA and patented technology to go beyond just delivering more leads and conversions, and integrate with our client’s sales and marketing systems to deliver deeper insights.

In the same way that data analytics determines the success of a digital marketing campaign, we use an extensive range of live chat metrics to constantly assess and optimize the performance of your live chat programme. Chat metrics include the qualitative and quantitative data that can be extracted from each live chat interaction and is crucial for anyone using live chat to grow their business.

Our patented technology is unique in the market in its ability to track exactly what digital marketing initiative drove a lead through live chat. This unique information helps businesses identify which campaigns are working and which are not, and determine which areas they should be investing more in.

Our live chat is not just a customer service platform, instead it is part of your website’s conversion rate optimisation strategy. Seamlessly integrating with your sales and marketing initiatives, the team at Greechat doesn’t believe in just delivering a certain quantity of leads each month. It is important to us that the quality of these leads are evaluated so that it is clear exactly how much value we are contributing to our clients. Greechat integrates with all analytics and CRM systems to show full revenue attribution associated with our leads delivered.

For businesses with prolonged sales processes (e.g. over months or years), we recommend going beyond chat metrics to also measure micro-conversions through the sales funnel i.e. activities that validate the progression of a lead to become an opportunity such as appointments and follow-up calls.

With all that being said, we also acknowledge that it’s not just about hard and fast metrics. On a higher level, Greechat is a valuable part of the feedback loop by providing qualitative data on what your customers are thinking, their pain points, and information on how your business can be improved.

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