Live Chat Monitoring

A seamless solution for live chat monitoring with a dedicated sales team operating 24/7, driving online sales for your website and increasing your revenue.

Our live chat monitoring offers your business a fully managed service designed to improve live chat channel performance through your website. Our solution utilises a team of real sales specialists working under an experienced manager who monitors chats on a daily basis for quality assurance and further optimisation opportunities.

Increase your website revenue with live chat monitoring

You may already have a resource allocated to online live chat with your customers. You may even be capturing statistical data on your customer’s web experience but stretching an internal resource is unlikely to offer optimal coverage and they can’t provide coverage for the 40% of online traffic occurring outside normal trading hours.

Our fully managed live chat operation not only maintains customer contact 24/7 with a team of dedicated sales agents but also monitors what’s happening with your business-to-customer engagement.

Your customers are proactively engaged with a friendly greeting. Our sales staff directs your customers through your content quickly, driving higher transaction rates and faster, easier service for your customers.

Dedicated 24/7 personnel

This fully managed solution consists of at least 8 sales specialists, a supervisor and a manager for each account ensuring continuity remains over our 24/7 operation. This also allows for the efficient management of spikes in visitor traffic to your website which internal personnel may not be able to keep up with.

As a fully managed solution, we provide not only the personnel but also the software and the expertise.

Our management layers offer strict quality assurance and engagement optimisation through chat transcript analysis performed daily.

Critical website insights

Our engagement with your customers can also reveal critical business insights in how and why they transact, where they’re mostly like to visit, and what sort of messaging, positioning and design remains the most effective for you products and services.

Easy installation and maintenance

Typically we need only an hour of the client’s time when setting up and roughly 30 minutes per month on average to maintain. It takes only 2 minutes to implement the code, a week to onboard our sales agents and a week to start delivering ROI in the first month.

Hundreds of companies started enjoying ROI in the first month

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