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    Our live chat online service ensures your customer receive fast, efficient sales service 24/7 from a team of dedicated agents driving your website revenue.

    Successful engagement of your online customers relies on their positive web experience. Our live chat online program will optimise your webpage and drive higher sales and lead volume by making it faster and easier for customers to transact with you.

    We provide your business with a team of professionals who greet and monitor your online customers, operating 24/7 to ensure maximum coverage. With an average of 40% of online traffic occurring outside of normal trading hours, our sales team will help to increase sales engagement and drive higher online transaction rates.

    Easy to set up and independently managed

    Our live chat online operation has shown that a proactive sales strategy drives higher revenue through a 7 fold increase in engagement compared to reactive approaches. With our solution, you can reap the benefit of that approach without expensive internal resourcing.

    Our fully managed team of dedicated sales agents greet your online customers as soon as they land on your webpage. They assist with navigation, driving your customers through your web content faster and more efficiently. They operate under a strict management structure which ensure optimisation and quality assurance through daily analysis of online chat transcripts.

    Within the first month your business sees an ROI with minimal effort on your part. It only takes an hour of the client’s time to set up, 30 minutes on average per month for maintenance, and less than two weeks for our sales agents to be fully up and running.

    Our experience with global industries like Experian, Regus and Miele, as well as smaller online businesses, show that at least 70% of queries we answer are related to information which is clearly available on your website. Not only do customers can have a massive blindspot but their ease and familiarity in using readily available sales staff is as present while browsing online as it is in a physical shopfront.

    Gain insights into your web performance

    More than just offering your customers a friendly representative to chat with, our program can also offer critical insights into the way your business performs online.

    Our team has a unique channel through which to communicate your customers’ web experience and can offer information about the positioning of your company, design and messaging within your website, as well as provide your business with insight into ways you might improve or optimise your online presence.