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Live chat software is not enough. Real customer engagement from a live chat team is needed to consistently drive more sales through your website.

Effective live chat is not a simple case of implementing software code on your website and expecting it to drive more sales. Unmonitored it can no more improve your revenue than just creating a website and expecting visitors to flock to it on their own. Our proven solution is a fully managed team dedicated to engaging your customers and consistently monitoring the effectiveness of your website through live chat software.

With a specialist team of sales staff operating under two management layers, we offer your business not only 24/7 online customer coverage through our live chat software, but also a team of dedicated sales staff monitored daily for optimal engagement and quality assurance.

Our fully managed solution includes a team of sales agents who engage your website visitors as they arrive and, just like a shop assistant at a boutique, offer your customers a real person to help with any queries or advice they may need relating to the services and products available on your website.

Our experience across multiple industries and businesses has shown that at least 70% of queries we answer are related to information already on a business’s website. That means that people like a real person to speak to and engage with even when information they want could be accessed another, more independent way.

What does this mean for your online business?

We look after everything. We provide the live chat software, a dedicated team of online sales specialists who proactively engage your website visitors giving them a real human connection to communicate through, quality assurance monitoring and chat transcript analysis to optimise our engagement strategy.

Live chat software offers 24/7 customer coverage, capturing the 40% of browsing that happens outside your regular business hours and helping the 70% who don’t read your website. Your visitors have instant access to a real agent the moment they land on your page helping to facilitate a higher conversion rate and move your customers through your content faster and more efficiently.

Most digital marketing can tell you what your customers are doing on your site but can they tell you why they’re doing it? We can.

Our software is a unique channel communicating directly with your customers. We offer your business critical insights which can inform the messaging and design of your site as influenced by what your customers are really thinking when they visit it.

We start delivering ROI in the first month

Set up typically takes about an hour of a client’s time and 30 minutes per month to maintain. It takes just 2 minutes to implement in the code, a week to onboard our sales agents and a week to start delivering RO in the first month.

We have successfully increased sales in the first month of implementation for global businesses like Experian, Regus and Miele as well as smaller businesses which rely on website transactions.

Hundreds of companies started enjoying ROI in the first month

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