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    Offer your customers 24/7 live chat support from a fully managed team of dedicated sales staff and increase your website sales.

    Live chat support from a real sales agent who can greet, engage and direct your visitors to website content will move customers more efficiently through your content and drive higher sales revenue.

    Sales support provided by a real human being is never overrated, especially when your customers are browsing online. Although a largely self-service option, online browsing for your products or services can be daunting for a customer who is unfamiliar with your site.

    Sometimes your customers will search out contact details and leave an enquiry or call your sales team. More often than not, they can’t be bothered.

    When on average 40% of online traffic occurs after normal trading hours, this is a huge chunk of your customer base who is unlikely to engage or transact with you.

    Improving sales and lead volume with a live chat support operation

    We can bridge that gap, reducing customer friction felt on an unfamiliar site by presenting a seamless, easy and more human experience. Our success across multiple and varied businesses and industries which include global brands like Regus, Experian and Miele, has shown that making the process easier for a customer results in a much higher engagement rate, improves sales and increasing lead volume.

    At least 70% of the queries our sales agents answer is related to information your web visitors can find clearly on your site. By offering them a real person to chat with, you improve their experience and the efficiency of your site, reiterating available information that, for whatever reason, your customers don’t even notice.

    Gain valuable business and website insights

    Our communication channel captures not only what your customers are doing on your website, but why they might be doing it. You receive, through our 24/7 engagement with your customer base, critical business insights into what is and isn’t working on the site from a content and UX perspective; how effective their online experience really is and how you can optimise it.

    Easy setup and less effort for more sales

    Our sales agents are tightly managed under a structure of strict quality assurance and constant optimisation through daily analysis of chat transcripts. We are completely set up within a fortnight, delivering ROI in the first month.

    Typically taking an hour of the client’s time for initial implementation, 2 minutes for the coding, and roughly 30 minutes per month on average to maintain, we provide your business more online sales for less effort.