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    24/7 website live chat is a proactive sales approach which maximises your website engagement rates. Our fully-managed solution increases your sales for less effort.

    Our website live chat operation provides your business with a fully managed solution to maximising your online engagement rates. Utilising a dedicated team of sales agents, we greet and look after your site visitors, driving them through your web content faster and more efficiently, increasing your transaction rates.

    Website live chat gives your business 24/7 sales coverage

    Our industry experience with large global brands like Regus, Experian and Miele, has revealed that on average 40% of website traffic occurs after normal business hours. Even with a dedicated resource monitoring your online queries, this leaves a sizable gap in your sales operations.

    Our fully managed 24/7 live chat program ensures your customers are greeted by a real person the moment they land on your page. Covered by at least 8 dedicated agents, your website visitors receive instant responses and moved through your content quickly and efficiently.

    Less effort for more online sales

    At least 70% of website queries we field from customers relate to information readily and clearly available to them. Our agents are trained to respond with information they are 100% certain of – provided by your business – or arrange call backs within specified time-frames.

    Operating under two tiers of management, chat transcripts are analysed for optimisation and quality assurance on a daily basis.

    Set up typically takes an hour of your time and on average 30 minutes per month to maintain. We look after everything else, providing the agents and the software. Within the first month we delivering start delivering ROI.

    Digital marketing results you can actually use

    Our unique communication directly with your customers also makes it possible for us to monitor why customers do what they do while visiting your website. We can offer key business insights into the layout and design of your website, provide you with customer feedback relating to feel and ease of use, even offering insights into the company’s position.