Live Chat for Website

Live chat for website will provide 24/7 customer service, driving more sales from the same visitors by making it easier for them to transact with you.

A live chat for website facility offers your customers a friendly and engaging communication channel with a real human being at the other end. Available 24/7, our team of sales agents can help with product and service queries, directing your customers quickly and efficiently to content on your website. For lead based sales, we can take customer details and arrange call-backs during specified windows within business hours.

More revenue from your website

Conventional online browsing is a self-service option that while convenient for customer, is not engaging. Your business webpage remains available to them 24/7 and 40% of your website traffic occurs outside normal trading hours. When your customers visit your site, they’re experience will dictate whether they choose to transact with you based on information that you can’t see or ask them about.

Live chat for website and our team of sales agents is a fully managed solution for maintaining constant customer contact, moving customers quickly through your content, and driving more sales with a friendly greeting and fast, accurate sales information.

Proactive Engagement

Self-managing your proactive engagement strategy with your customers means a lot more internal resourcing. Our team of sales specialists dedicated to your business includes at least 8 agents ensuring there is always coverage on your site, even during traffic spikes.

Our experience shows that 70% of queries we answer are related to information already available to your customers meaning we can field and answer most questions quickly and you don’t need a team of internal sales staff wasting time and resourcing on simple queries.

Website insights

Our unique channel also feeds back customer experience on your website offering business insights through the chat transcripts we accumulate which could positively influence messaging, design and positioning of the company.

Fast results

We deliver more sales for less effort. Implementing our program typically takes an hour of the client’s time, 2 minutes to upload the code, a week to onboard our sales specialists and a week to begin delivering ROI in the first month.

Our success ranges from large, international brands like Regus, Experian and Miele, through to smaller, local business which rely on website sales as their main source of business.

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