Our online live help operation ensures quality assured 24/7 sales coverage of your website. Our fully managed team of sales staff will increase your conversion rates.

Give your customers access to live help 24/7 with a fully managed sales engagement program operating on your website, under your company colours and logo.

Proactive live help drives engagement rates

Our experience across a range of industries and websites including global brands like Regus, Miele and Experian, as well as small local online businesses, has shown that by proactively engaging your website visitors with a simple greeting and offer of help can increase your customer conversion rates.

Often customer queries relate to information already clearly available. Only 5% business expertise is needed for 24/7 coverage and completely answer 80-90% of queries received. For the rest, or for leads driven business, our agents arrange call-backs for your sales team to follow-up during regular trading hours and a time which suits your customer.

After hours coverage

On average 40% of website traffic occurs outside of normal trading hours. Even if you have a dedicated resource to handle customer enquiries, they are still missing nearly half of your active customers while they’re not monitoring your website.

Our teams offer 24/7 live coverage and engagement with minimal effort on the part of your business.

Quality Assured

Working under two tiers of management, agents assigned to your website are constantly monitored to ensure quality control and optimisation remains as high as possible. Teams consist of no less than 8 agents to ensure adequate coverage even during traffic spikes.

Business insights direct from your customers

Digital marketing programs are capable of showing what your customers are doing on your website but not why they might be doing it. With a direct line of communication your business can gain key insights into how your website is operated, what works and what might need improving to maximise your transaction rates.