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    Liveagent is a live chat software that promises to boost to your business’s online presence. By proactively engaging your customers, Liveagent has the potential to increase conversion rates and boost online revenue within just the first month of implementation.

    How will it be implemented so that it maximises its potential? When will you start seeing ROI? Does your current team have the expertise and resources to manage your new live chat program?

    Greechat: A complete solution for managing Live Chat Software

    Merely installing a live chat software on your website can only do so much. Greechat are experts at live chat and provide a complete solution that manages live chat for your business. The average Greechat client receives a team of 8 dedicated sales agents covering their website 24/7, working under two layers of management ensuring quality assurance and constant optimisation.

    Why outsource live chat?

    Internal resourcing is one of the first areas that will need attention if you’re planning on managing live chat by yourself. You’ll need to make decisions about coverage hours, tech support, setup and regular maintenance. This will often require resources from other departments or the addition of new duties especially in the introductory stages of implementing your live chat program. The lack of existing expertise and resources could lead to incomplete or inefficient monitoring of your software.

    Handing your entire live chat channel over to an independently managed operation gives you the best of both worlds!

    Greechat ensures your website is covered 24/7 by our professional sales agents who are trained to understand your website and services. Your account manager will provide regular performance reports and offer valuable business insights to help you manage the efficiency of your website so your business can concentrate on maximising what’s working and improve what isn’t.

    Get the most out of your live chat program by leaving it to the experts at Greechat. Get in touch today to arrange a free consultation to see if we’ll be a good fit for your business!