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  • LiveChatInc Live Chat Software Review

    LiveChatInc is an excellent live chat software program offering online businesses a doorway to maximising online sales and website effectiveness.

    But is it everything your business needs on its own?

    With a host of tools and customisation options, running LiveChatInc on your website will require dedicated internal resources to set up, monitor, maintain and report. Your resourcing will need training, time to adjust, ability to understand and troubleshoot. This is a big investment for a business’ first foray into live chat software support.

    The easy, affordable way of introducing Live Chat Software for your website

    Greechat’s live chat operation for your business includes not only great software packed full of customisation options and easy setup but also a dedicated team of sales agents to manage, monitor and report on its effectiveness.

    Like LiveChatInc, your online customers will be able to access a real person through their live chat window who can help to point them in the right direction and increase your conversion rates. The software can be customised to reflect your company’s logo and/or brand colours keeping the experience consistent for your online visitors.

    Why we’re different

    You won’t have to worry about coverage during traffic spikes. You won’t have to worry about ensuring there’s someone available outside business hours. You won’t have to worry about complex code setup or maintenance. Greechat offers a fully managed solution ensuring your business only ever sees results.

    Our team of sales professionals operates under two management layers which ensure daily scanning and monitoring of quality assurance as well as optimisation. Your business not only receives on-point sales agents who proactively engage your online customers but is also completely managed independently minimising your risk and slicing your internal resources costs.