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    Although live chat software can come with a range of features and easy to use interfaces, like LivePerson, your business is still going to have to monitor that tool with internal resourcing dedicated to the task of superior customer service and sales without the guarantee of ROI.

    Our solution is a complete answer to managing an effective live chat operation on your website to boost sales revenue and leads.

    Taking advantage of your Live Chat Advantage

    Proactively approaching your online customers gives a sales agent an instant gateway into a customer’s needs. Letting them know that there’s a real person waiting to help them get to the right page or find their preferred product will move your customers through your content faster and more efficiently. It will also give your business invaluable insights into how your website works for your customers and the strengths you can capitalise on to lower costs and improve sales.

    But you’ll need additional resourcing and management layers and reporting analytics.

    LivePerson offers great tools like integration capabilities with social media and Salesforce but you still need dedicated agents to call up your customer’s history and to know how to provide the service your customers need to convert.

    Choosing our solution means we assign at least 8 dedicated sales professionals to a website live chat operation. These agents work under two management layers which scan daily for quality assurance and optimisation maintaining strict service standards.

    Our reporting functions ensure you receive relevant and insightful business data to help maintain a strong and efficient web interface, and help you to target your marketing campaigns successfully.

    A completely independent operation, your business reaps the benefits and advantages of live chat software like LivePerson without stretching or hiring internal resources.