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    Olark live chat software is a simple, affordable option for business websites searching for a competitive edge. Proactively approaching your customers as they arrive is a proven way of increasing conversion rates and boosting sales. However. it takes time and resourcing to do it right, even when you’re using something as simple and dynamic as Olark.

    The effective way to introduce and manage Live Chat Software

    Live chat software like Olark is easy to set up and install, and even easier to operate and manage. You can use your company’s logo or brand colours on the interface, create transcripts and even monitor return customers. For a small site – with an average of 5 visitors online simultaneously – this type of live chat solution can be comfortably managed by an online business looking to up its game.

    But what about if you’re growing? What if you want to crack open the potential of your online presence and drive sales revenue or leads through the roof?

    With Greechat’s live chat operation, you not only have access to simple software code that takes little time or effort to install but you also get a fully managed team of sales agents working under two layers of management to monitor, maintain and report on the effectiveness of your new investment. Your business doesn’t have to invest in new resources or stretch existing ones to cover your live chat software.

    With 8 dedicated live chat agents, your website is covered even during traffic spikes. Two layers of management operating over our agents track quality assurance and optimisation on a daily basis. Your business will receive monthly reports showing clear areas of success or improvement. The experts at Greechat will also provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your customer’s web experience, and identify areas for improvement or areas to invest in.

    Live chat software is only the start of the solution to proactive customer engagement. To reap maximum results, you ultimately need a trained, professional team of sales agents to elevate your online presence and give your business that extra edge.