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    A genuine customer service experience is not a virtual chat agent. Offer your customers live help from a real human being who can help drive your sales.

    A virtual chat agent may be the height of interactive programming but it cannot beat the experience of chatting with a genuine person. So prevalent is the use of a virtual chat agent on business websites that even our sales agents are grilled to prove they’re living, breathing humans.

    Real people offering real help

    Customers prefer to know that they’re interacting with someone just like themselves; someone capable of creative thought and insight, who can offer a real chat experience.

    Proactive rather than reactive sales engagement has shown that just by greeting your customers as they arrive on your website you can maximise your online engagement rates.

    Our sales agents usually field queries relating to information your customers already have clear access to. This means that a team of humans require only 5% of your business expertise to manage 80-90% of the online sales queries which originate from your website.

    Our agents are closely monitored for optimisation and quality assurance by two layers of management analysing chat transcripts daily. We provide your customers with 24/7 sales support without your business bearing the burden of additional resourcing.

    Your business website relies on a positive customer review

    Our team of dedicated agents are able to offer you insights into how your customers have responded to elements like site design, even company position. You achieve a level of real intelligence when you choose our fully managed team of sales specialists over the cold and limited capabilities of a virtual customer assistant.

    Deliver a real customer service experience from an actual human being, even for just a month, and measure the significant difference your customers will feel knowing they’re genuinely chatting with someone.

    We have successfully delivered more sales in the first month for businesses across the world ranging from large corporations like Experian, Regus and Miele, though to smaller business which rely on their website as a source of business.