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Fully managed live chat sales team which start delivering a return in the first month

2 minutes to implement the code

1 week to train our agents

A month to start showing ROI

Engage customers where ever they are, when ever they want.

All we do is help business make more through their website by delivering the expertise, software and agents to proactively engage visitors through live chat. Contact us to find out how we systematically improve revenue for all our clients

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Why Proactive Chat vs. No Chat

No Chat

Is leaving your website completely unattended

Reactive Chat

Is helping your customer only when they are desperate for help

Proactive Chat

Engagement rate goes up by 7 times when you are proactive

Why Live Chat from us

Trusted team

Dedicated and experienced agents serving a range of customers from large corporates to small businesses

Industry specialists

We have industry specialist teams for Real Estate, Auto, Medical, Education and Legal industries

Fully Integrated

We work with any CRM system and unlike almost all solutions in the market we integrate with any form of digital marketing campaign tracking.

24/7 global operation

Extensive experience working with clients across US, UK and Australia

On-going optimisation

We leverage our digital marketing DNA to constantly optimise the live chat experience

Your 24/7 sales team is ready !

What our clients say

Fully managed sales packages which start delivering a return in the first month

Live chat is your real time customer support system. Greechat is your real time lead generation system. Our focus on quality and conversion is our point of difference in the market. Make it yours too.

We holistically manage your live chat operation to deliver you all the benefits of live chat, without the drawn out conversations. It takes just 2 minutes to implement our code, a month to onboard our agents and a month to start showing ROI. We only need 1 hour of your time to set up, and 30 minutes each month to maintain. With a proven record for delivering ROI within your first month, we deliver you more sales for less effort.

With a sales-driven team, we transform customer service into customer conversion. Our experienced live chat agents dedicate a week to fully understanding your unique business, so they can effectively greet, meet, and assist your customers as soon as they arrive.

Our proactive live chat approach delivers real time customer service to activate engagement, build trust, and minimise webpage abandonment. Experience shows that answers to 70% of live chat customer queries can be found on site, which means the majority of your users aren’t reading what you have to say. Greechat closes that gap, turning passive browsers into active buyers.

It’s this point of difference that makes Greechat more than a simple live chat software solution. Our team of experienced, industry specialised live chat agents are available 24/7 to your customers to maximise engagement rates and drives your sales.

Greechat actively manages your assigned team of dedicated live chat agents and monitors chat logs to continuously optimise your live chat operation. Our integrated, end-to-end live chat management solution offers quality assurance and peace of mind that we’re always working to increase your ROI, so you can get back to business.

Whether you’re a large corporation or a smaller business, we will successfully deliver you more online sales within your first month with Greechat, guaranteed.

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