Hundreds of companies started enjoying ROI in the first month

Turning customer service into customer conversion

Live chat is your real time customer support system. Greechat is your real time lead generation system. Our focus on quality and conversion is our point of difference in the market. Make it yours too.

We holistically manage your live chat operation to deliver you all the benefits of live chat, without the drawn out conversations. It takes just 2 minutes to implement our code, a month to onboard our agents and a month to start showing ROI. We only need 1 hour of your time to set up, and 30 minutes each month to maintain. With a proven record for delivering ROI within your first month, we deliver you more sales for less effort.

With a sales-driven team, we transform customer service into customer conversion. Our experienced live chat agents dedicate a week to fully understanding your unique business, so they can effectively greet, meet, and assist your customers as soon as they arrive.

Our proactive live chat approach delivers real time customer service to activate engagement, build trust, and minimise webpage abandonment. Experience shows that answers to 70% of live chat customer queries can be found on site, which means the majority of your users aren’t reading what you have to say. Greechat closes that gap, turning passive browsers into active buyers.

It’s this point of difference that makes Greechat more than a simple live chat software solution. Our team of experienced, industry specialised live chat agents are available 24/7 to your customers to maximise engagement rates and drives your sales.

Greechat actively manages your assigned team of dedicated live chat agents and monitors chat logs to continuously optimise your live chat operation. Our integrated, end-to-end live chat management solution offers quality assurance and peace of mind that we’re always working to increase your ROI, so you can get back to business.

Whether you’re a large corporation or a smaller business, we will successfully deliver you more online sales within your first month with Greechat, guaranteed.

"Proactive Chat" vs. "No Chat"

  • No Chat

    Is leaving your website
    completely unattended

  • Reactive Chat

    Is helping your customer only
    when they are desperate for help

  • Proactive Chat

    Is when you greet your
    customers and assist them

Engage customers where ever
they are, when ever they want.

All we do is help business make more through their website by delivering the expertise,
software and agents to proactively engage visitors through live chat.
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What our clients say

  • The 24/7 Live Chat programme from the Greechat team delivered significant ROI in the first month for the business thanks to the fast and seamless integration of their team into our processes and the responsiveness of their agents. We are committed to making this programme and the team a core part of our marketing and sales function and I highly recommend them to any business which relies on their website to drive revenue..

    Carla Vieira - Marketing Director @ Regus
  • Over the past 6 months the team has implemented their fully management Live Chat solution for Miele Australia. We have been pleased with the thorough on-boarding and training of their agents and due to the valuable contribution to online sales, we have moved to 24/7 support in recent months. Live Chat has proven to be an invaluable tool to assist in online conversion and we are very happy with the solution offered by the Greechat team.

    Matthew Jefferies - Head of Digital @ Miele
  • The team’s implementation of a 24/7 Live Chat programme has been our most successful digital marketing strategy in the last 12 months. Whilst we can’t divulge our results, we can say that there has been significant improvement in our conversion rates so much so that we have doubled our spending on Live Chat for the next 12 months.

    We find their Live Chat services and reporting very professional enabling greater customer insights as well as ROI reporting to our stakeholders which continues to help us evolve our marketing strategy.

    Raeleen Hooper - CMO @ Snap
  • The great work the team has done on Amber Technology’s website has enabled us to improve conversion rate results, refining the visitor experience and delivering a significantly higher number of qualified leads. With a multi-faceted business covering many different types of customers and products, we have used Live Chat to direct B2C visitors to the correct parts of the site, and captured B2B leads for our sales team to follow up.

    Karin Cahill - Digital Marketing Manager @ Amber Technology Limited
  • We were impressed at how quickly the Greechat team onboarded our business given the complexity of our product offering, on top of the fact we are a global operation with many internal stakeholders. The customer experience from live chat is incredibly important, their attention to detail and commitment to quality, gave us confidence they truly operated as an extension of our business. It came as no surprise they were able to deliver a significant return for us, dramatically opening up our global pipeline through their 24/7 offering. I highly recommend them to any organization that values a performance and quality driven partner.

    Stuart Matthewman - Global Head of Demand Generation @ IR
  • The 24/7 live chat sales team from Greechat fit perfectly with our commitment to deliver the best experience for our clients. They understood our business rapidly and were able to deliver tangible results not long after they started. After the initial setup, everything ran in the background. It made me appreciate the value of a fully managed service which meant we achieved a great return for relatively little effort on our part.

    Lara Giovenale - Marketing Director @ The Proactiv Company
  • The Greechat team have been great to work with. The service and support is second to none, Managing a global event of 6,000 from 130 countries the GreeChat service on our website ensured we have 24/7 customer service. The never ending list of questions asked via the website have always been dealt with true professionalism even when the answer may not have been directly available to the GreeChat team. The reporting process was great and a real measure on ROI. I am currently promoting the service to our other clients events and would consider it a must for any service with 24/7 clients or service.

    Meg Watt - Project Manager @ MCI Group

5 reasons to Greechat

  • Trusted team

    Dedicated and experienced agents serving a range of customers from large corporates to small businesses

  • Industry specialists

    We have industry specialist teams for Real Estate, Auto, Medical, Education and Legal industries

  • Fully Integrated

    We work with any CRM system and unlike almost all solutions in the market we integrate with any form of digital marketing campaign tracking.

  • 24/7 global operation

    Extensive experience working with clients across US, UK and Australia

  • On-going optimisation

    We leverage our digital marketing DNA to constantly optimise the live chat experience

Help and impress your
customers with 24/7 service

Fully managed sales packages which
start delivering a return in the first month

  • 2 minutes to
    implement the code
  • 1 week to
    train our agents
  • Less than a month
    to start showing ROI

More Sales & Deeper Insights

All within the first month while only requiring 2 hours of your time to setup and 30 minutes a month to maintain as we manage everything for you.


Hundreds of companies started enjoying ROI in the first month

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