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    What To Look For In The Perfect Live Chat Box

    Live chat boxes can be challenging to manage and often don’t deliver the results you’re looking for. You need a live chat box that is easy to use and will give you the best results.

    The live chat box is a great way to get customers more involved and improve the user experience as a whole. However, if you want your customers to take advantage of this feature, it must be easy to use and convenient. Here are some features that make an excellent live chat box:

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    Proactive live chat

    Proactive live chat is more effective than reactive live chat.

    Proactive live chat is a better way to provide customer service as it leads to more sales and more customer engagement. Reactive conversations can lead to more complex issues, which require more time to resolve and are not always easy for your team members to answer. This means that chat agents can waste a significant amount of time repeatedly answering the same questions.

    💡 KEY TAKEAWAY:  With proactive live chat, customers are dealt with quickly and efficiently – and they’re also more likely to complete their purchase or subscribe because they feel valued as customers.

    Customisable live chat box

    The live chat box is the most crucial element of your customer service team. Your customers will see it 

    first before they even decide to contact you. That’s why it’s so important that it reflects your brand image and represents how you want your company to come across as a whole.

    You may want to choose colours that reflect your business’s branding or identity. Still, there are other considerations here, too: what colours do people use most often on the internet? What do they find more visually appealing? Think about this when choosing colours for the chat box and its background pattern or texture (if any). 

    💡 KEY TAKEAWAY: Customise your live chat box with colour that reflect your brand and looks visually appealing for your customers to interact with.

    Fully managed live chat service

    When looking for a live chat service, you should look for one that offers a fully managed service. This means that the company is well-trained in providing customer support via live chat and has dedicated support staff available to help with any issues that may arise during your online chat.

    💡 KEY TAKEAWAY: Live chat service provides expert customer support and has dedicated support staff available for prompt assistance with any issues during online chats.

    Proven track record

    When looking for a live chat box, you must ensure that your chosen provider has a proven track record. Most of the top live chat providers are confident about their commitment to delivering results. Some even engage with clients without a contract for the first month.

    Live chat services are used by businesses Australia-wide, and the number of people who want a fully managed service is growing quickly. They have helped thousands of companies like yours grow their online presence through innovative live chat box technology!

    💡 KEY TAKEAWAY: Live chat services should have a history of delivering results and a positive market reputation. 

    Increased sales conversion and customer engagement

    When you’re ready to start a live chat box, you must ensure it is easy for customers to find and use. This means that your chat box must be located in an intuitive place on your website. By putting the live chat box on your homepage, you can ensure that users have easy access and know exactly where to go if they have any questions or concerns.

    Building trust and loyalty with customers is one of the most challenging aspects of running an online business. A common way to do this is by having a recognisable live chat box on your website that allows customers to interact directly with a live chat agent online who answers their questions or deals with their issues in real time. 

    Additionally, the live chat box that increases customer engagement overall is more likely to make people return for repeat visits, which leads to more conversions.

    Thirdly, effective live chat services boost customer loyalty by encouraging them to recommend your brand and refer friends (making them more like brand advocates). The products or services you offer, or the excellent customer service you provide, might encourage them to recommend you. 

    Aside from the other live chat benefits, a leading live chat box service guarantees a first-month ROI. A fully managed live chat service means the company takes care of all aspects of your customer service. 

    Before deciding which option is best for your business, you can seek professional advice on maximising the return on investment from your live chat software. 

    Instead of looking for the top live chats on the internet and settling for unproven software, partner with one of the leading live chat service providers in Australia. 

    💡 KEY TAKEAWAY: Increasing sale conversions, customer satisfaction, and sales engagements require a fully managed live chat experience.


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