Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Free Live Chat Apps For Your Website

Trying to manage customer service and engagement through multiple channels can be overwhelming. It’s challenging to keep up with all customer inquiries while providing consistent service across channels.

Customers and businesses can get help in real-time from a fully managed live chat service with experienced live chat agents. 

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Why is a proactive chat good for your business and customers?

A proactive live chat means that agents will reach out to visitors who need to engage more with your website as they browse through it. We offer proactive live chat, which means that our agents will reach out to website visitors who need to do something on your site right now as they look around. This proactive approach lets you talk to people interested in buying from your business, which could lead to more conversions and sales.

Increased sales conversions from having 24/7 support available for your customers when they need it most mean that it helps improve customer engagement by responding quickly and effectively. Furthermore, it provides complete customization options to create a unique experience for each visitor, allowing users from all over the world to participate.

Why are live chat services so important? Live chat software drives more sales and increases customer engagement, which is why it’s one of the best ways to market your business online. With a live chat system, you can provide customers with live support 24/7 – not just when they’re shopping on your site.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: A live chat service can increase repeat purchases and referrals by creating happy customers who will tell others about their positive experiences with your business or brand.

Chatbots are free and easy to install, but they’re no substitute

Chatbots are a great way to start a conversation with customers, but they must come closer to replacing live chat agents. Here are three reasons why:

  • Chatbots are not proactive. You’ll never know when or where your users need help, so you’ll always be on their heels when it comes time to assist.
  • Chatbots can’t handle complex questions and problems. If a user has an issue that requires research into your website or product lines, a bot will struggle – and so will your customer service reputation.
  • Chatbots don’t have the same human empathy. When someone needs help with an account or subscription issue, having the right person can make all the difference in their experience with your brand.

Instead of looking for the best free live chat apps or the best live chat companies on the internet and settling for automated or reactive chat responses, look no further if you’re looking for a live chat app to help your business grow. A live chat service provider takes pride in their ability to provide businesses with a fully managed service that helps them grow their revenue and customer retention.

Live proactive chat software is a must. This means that when you’re on the go, you should be able to help your customers without time-consuming and repetitive admin work. It all comes down to setting up automation rules so that the app can address common queries automatically with pre-defined messages. 

Refrain from settling for an app that leaves everything up to chance and could potentially leave you in a bad situation if things take an unexpected turn.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: A live proactive chat software is essential, as it allows you to assist your customers even when you are on the go. 

How to choose the best free live chat apps?

Choose the best free live chat where the service is fully managed by professionals and not just remotely operated by people like yourself who are still learning how everything works. 

A fully managed service means they’ll be available 24/7 (or close) to quickly respond whenever something happens and provide helpful suggestions based on their experience with similar issues in other businesses’ live chats over time. Plus, they’ll also keep track of any data related to customer behaviour during each session, so they know what needs improvement next time around – all while allowing your company complete access via its dashboard or API integrations as needed!

When you have a team of live chat agents who talk to customers around the clock, they also have supervisors who ensure that every chat is as good as possible. An excellent live chat app strives to provide the best possible service regardless of who their client or customer is.

When you get to the point of needing a live chat, you’re probably looking for more than just an app. You want someone who can help you set up the right solution, troubleshoot when necessary, and have it work seamlessly with your website. You want someone who builds on customer insights and a background in digital marketing to create a better client experience that leads to more sales.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: You should prioritise a fully managed service that provides 24/7 support, data-driven insights, and seamless integration with your website. 

Whether you choose to ‘go live chat’ or some other customer service chat software, we wish you all the best in getting started!


We hope our guide has helped you find the best free live chat app that will work for your business. 

At Greechat, we help businesses drive more sales conversions and better customer engagement through live chat services.