Introducing Chat Live Support: Turning Customers Into Leads

Image by Mario Gogh from Unsplash

With the rise of e-commerce, there’s a high demand for live chat agents. Your customers are looking for a way to interact with your team and get their questions answered without having to wait for long periods of time or calling into an automated phone line. Live chat allows them to do just that by providing immediate access to someone who can answer their questions quickly and efficiently.

A walkthrough of the customer journey

The customer journey is a linear process. It starts with acquisition and ends with conversion, which means that you’re trying to win over customers at each stage of their journey.

Email and phone support are great when it comes to answering questions or addressing concerns, but they don’t provide an opportunity for your brand to build a personal relationship with your audience like live chat does. 

This allows you to become more than just the founder of a company; you become an actual person who cares about the needs of others and wants to help them succeed in whatever goals they have set out for themselves.

When we think about conversions, there are many different ways we can measure them: the number of sales per month or year, average sale value (ASV), and lifetime value (LTV). But what happens when someone reaches out via email or phone? How do we know if they’ll buy from us again? How do we know if our ASV increased because of this one conversation? 

Unfortunately, these questions aren’t so easily answered because there aren’t any direct links between those interactions and purchases made afterwards – and that’s where an online chat agent comes into play!

Why live chat is crucial to customers

Live chat is the fastest way for customers to get answers to their questions and find solutions to their problems. When a customer is considering making a purchase, live chat can help them make decisions about products, services, and more. 

Live chat allows you to be there for your customers 24/7, so they always have someone available to assist them with any issues or concerns they may have. However, if your business requires a unique schedule that aligns with your industry’s on and off seasons, then perhaps you can look for a service that can abide by your preferred working hours. 

Top reasons customers use your live chat

Live chat is a great way to provide immediate service when your customers need it. Live chat can be used to answer questions, solve problems, and provide information that will help your customers get the most from their experience with you.

Live chat is also useful for resolving issues quickly by connecting a customer directly with someone who can help them out right away. This personal touch will make them feel heard and valued, which leads to better overall satisfaction with their purchase or experience with you.

Benefits of having live agents on your team

Live chat agents are more efficient than emails and phone calls. Emails can be lost in translation, while live chats are a two-way communication channel, so there’s no miscommunication.

Also, a live chat agent can provide a better customer experience because they can give instant and accurate answers to your customers’ questions. They won’t have to wait hours just for an email reply or hold on the phone with a customer service representative who is also dealing with other people at the same time.

Live chat agents also help reduce costs as there are no extra resources needed (like telephone lines). In fact, having one of these agents will actually save you money because you won’t have to hire an internal, on-deck team just to answer emails or calls.

Furthermore, since live chats don’t involve long wait times as other methods do, customers will be more satisfied with their overall experience when they use this medium rather than others like emailing or calling in order to get their needs met quickly. This means they’ll likely become repeat customers! 

Why online chat support is better than emails and phone calls

You’ve probably noticed that live chat is becoming increasingly popular with customers. And for a good reason: it’s the most effective way to get help from a company.

Email replies and phone calls have become essential for businesses in recent years, but they also come with their share of problems. For starters, people often don’t have time to answer emails and calls when they come in; worse yet, some people will simply ignore them altogether if they’re not particularly relevant to them at the moment or if they seem too complicated or time-consuming. 

As a result, many companies are turning away from their existing sales systems and instead focusing their attention on building out new ones based on live chat functionality instead – specifically because this type of system allows representatives to talk directly with clients rather than having them reach out via email or phone call.

How live agents can help you succeed

When done right, live chat can help your business in a variety of ways. It can:

  • improve customer service through personalisation and speed;
  • increase sales and revenue;
  • build trust and loyalty with customers; and
  • reduce costs associated with answering calls or emails (including time spent on training new hires).

Just keep in mind that it would be much cheaper to secure software with a company that also provides chat agent onboarding services. This way, you wont have to spend heaps of time, effort, and money upskilling or training the staff you already have. 

Take your online service to the next level by adding live chat.

Live chat agents are the backbone of your service and can help you sell more, retain more customers, and save time and money. For this reason, you should be searching for an all-in-one business chat service that can facilitate conversations while providing analytics for points of improvement.