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    Chat For Your Website

    Your website is the first point of contact for your customers. But what if they can’t find what they need? What if they get frustrated and leave? You need a business chat option for your website, but reactive chats and chatbots aren’t effective at addressing your customers and helping you understand their unique needs or interests. 

    With a live chat team, you can be proactive and answer any questions or concerns your customers might have. You’ll be able to provide personalised customer service that will increase sales and deepen customer insights. 

    Get in touch with one of our representatives at Greechat and learn how we can guarantee more sales and engagement within your first month. Read further to understand why you need a live chat for your website. 

    What are the best live chat tools for new e-commerce websites?

    There are several free live chat tools available for new e-commerce websites that could be effective in responding to your website chat. But with these free live chat tools, you sacrifice essential features needed and expectations for a quality experience. You should consider several factors before committing to a live chat for your website.

    • 24/7 support. A 24/7 livechat system is essential. The best live chat tool enables you to meet customers’ needs in different countries and time zones. At Greechat, you can choose full-time support or personalise a unique schedule that works for your business.
    • Compatibility. Adapting and integrating other software and options in the future is essential for any business. We offer live chat support software with Google Analytics, InfusionSoft, and other similar virtual tool options.
    • Customisability. The brand image of your business is crucial to your customers’ recognition. At Greechat, you can modify the chat box to better fit the appearance you want to greet your customers with. 

    Even with all our unique features, you might ask yourself, ‘Is it worth the investment to implement a live-chat for business?’ The answer’s crystal clear, especially if you learn more about why we’re a leading name in the customer service industry. 

    Is it worth the money to add chat support to my website?

    If you anticipate at least 2,000 visitors a month, you can get significantly more returns from implementing live chat for your website. It only takes us a few minutes to implement our software on your website and a week to onboard our live chat teams with your processes. So that within the first month, you can start to see the returns on your investment. 

    At Greechat, we deliver more sales through our 24/7 fully managed live chat service, which isn’t simply offering a live chat agent or chat software; it is a meticulous integration of all our systems to ensure everything works seamlessly, effectively delivering an effect chat for your website. 

    Our live chat teams

    Each live chat team has eight live chat agents, two QAs, a supervisor, and an account manager. This is so you have adequate resources available to support the 24/7 cycle, backups, and overflow capacity. After all, the best live chat solutions are typically the ones that can provide assistance no matter the hour. 

    Our background

    In contrast to free alternatives that rely on call centre methods, we leverage our digital marketing background to analyse the data collected from each chat conversation with your customers. We’re dedicated to further fine-tuning our proactive chat software and team performance so that Greechat can progressively meet your business’s needs.

    Our quality support

    At Greechat, our goal is to give your customers quality, managed live chat support, so we closely monitor every single session with our live chat agents. Moreover, before launching our live chat for your website, our live chat agents have been trained ardently and have provided FAQs and chat flows. Even if we can’t answer a question now, our knowledge base is constantly being updated as we build up more answers.

    Take advantage of our unique features to enable your business to increase sales and drive customer engagement on your website. Furthermore, as one of the largest and most established providers of live chat services, we have a policy of engaging clients in the first month without a contract because we are confident in our ability to deliver a compelling return on your investment with us.

    To better understand what we have in store, you can learn more about the benefits and options of our live chat for support.

    What are the benefits of business chat support?

    When it comes to our live chat for your website, our team can handle general or specific questions, troubleshoot problems customers may have, and of course, provide information about products and services to convert visitors into potential leads. 

    But our fully managed live chatting system goes far beyond a well-trained live chat team or innovative proprietary software. Our live chat support is in high demand because we understand how to leverage these aspects to increase your business’s sales and set up your future success with customer insight. 

    Aside from engaging with your customers, our live chat team also gathers feedback and insights from them and collates them into data for your business. 

    Contact Greechat and learn how we can increase your sales conversions through live chat for your website today.