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    Live Chat engages your online visitors 24/7. We drive more sales for your website with a team of fully managed and proactive online sales agents.

    Our fully managed live chat service consistently delivers more sales through your website by making the interaction easier for your customers. By proactively engaging your website visitors, we are able to greet and assist your online customers as they arrive, providing them with a virtual shop assistant they can turn to with queries and advice.

    Your business gleans insights into what specific aspects of your site are and aren’t working based on direct feedback from the customer. How your website works, what people most and least engage with, and how to improve your business leads are the types of benefits a fully managed sales team dedicated to 24/7 coverage can offer your business.

    Setting up usually takes only an hour the client’s time and approximately 30 minutes per month on average to maintain. Within a fortnight our agents are fully onboard and we starting delivering ROI.

    Making it easy for your customers to transact with your business

    Our experience across a range of different businesses and industries has shown that customers like talking to real people and they like to shop outside of regular business hours.

    Live chat provides a seamless online customer experience across all operating systems including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We look after your website visitors in much the same way a shop assistant facilitates transactions at a physical outlet. The difference is that our sales staff are available 24/7 and unlike a physical store, we optimise the engagement every single day by analysing chat transcripts. This process is also critical for quality assurance purposes.

    Typically 40% of your visitors are coming to your site and trying to engage with your brand outside of normal trading hours which means customers who want to engage with your brand can’t even if you have a customer service phone line.

    Our team of sales agents will greet your visitor, ensuring they know that a real person is available to help answer any queries they may have, direct them to a specific product or service your business is offering, and take down their details for an expert to follow up within a specified timeframe should that be the action you want to drive. We have done this successfully for many businesses in diverse industries internationally. Our clients include global brands like Regus, Experian and Miele, to local businesses.