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  • Why Managed Live Chat Is The Full Business Package

    Managed live chat is a great solution for any business that wants to improve its customer service and engagement. It’s also a cost-effective solution for companies in smaller budget ranges who want to provide 24/7 support. If you’re interested in learning more about managed live chat, keep reading!

    Managed live chat is the best way to help and engage with your customers.

    If you want to help and engage with your customers, then you should know that real live chat services are the best option. It’s more personal than email, and it’s more convenient for customers than phone calls.

    Live chat is a great way to interact with customers. Live chat allows you to:

    • have a conversation with your customer without waiting on hold or being transferred from one department to another; and
    • help them resolve issues quickly by providing personalised solutions and information.

    Real-time support drives conversions.

    Live chat is one of the best ways to personalise and improve your customer experience. By connecting with customers in real time, you can build relationships that go beyond transactions and into ongoing brand loyalty.

    Live chat helps you make an impression on a customer by answering their questions right away. It also makes it easy for them to ask more questions or make more purchases if they’re satisfied with how you’ve helped them solve their problem or meet their needs.

    Real-time support drives conversions at every step of the buyer journey – from prospects to leads and beyond – which is why we recommend using live chat as soon as possible after someone lands on your website or blog post.

    The great customer experience is in the details.

    Managed live chat for small business is the full business package. It’s a simple way to provide a great customer experience with few moving parts and no additional costs. This means you’re able to focus on what matters: your customers. The best part? They’ll come back for more and tell their friends about it too!

    Consistency across channels is key to brand identity.

    As a business, it’s important to have a consistent experience for your customers. This includes the same look and feel across all of your marketing channels (even down to your live chat) so that people can easily recognise what you stand for as soon as they see your name. 

    It also helps with brand loyalty; if someone has had a positive experience with one of your products or services, they will likely look into other offerings from you in the future – but only if their expectations are met. 

    If a customer has a bad experience through one channel and then goes elsewhere, such as opening an email or calling after finding coupons online (or even just searching on Google), they might not be receptive to what else you have going on.

    So how do we create this kind of consistency? By starting with an established branding strategy – one that clearly defines who we are as a company and what sets us apart from others within our niche market.

    Think of elements like colours used on websites or social media platforms; imagery used in advertisements (if applicable); taglines used in commercials/advertisements; copy written on printed materials such as brochures or pamphlets handed out at trade shows.

    Quality control makes for a quality company.

    Quality control is an essential part of any business. It’s also a key part of ours, as you can see from our customer support team’s dedication to ensuring that every conversation is handled with the care and professionalism that represent our brand. When you work with us at Greechat, there’s no need to worry about quality control – we’ve got it covered!

    Save money on hiring and infrastructure.

    With our managed live chat service, you’re not just paying for a dedicated team of agents. You don’t need to provide them with an office or even the standard call centre amenities such as headsets and computers. Instead, you can just use software and outsource live chat with minimal training. This allows you to save money on hiring and infrastructure costs, which frees up more funds for other aspects of your business.

    Agents are trained to handle anything.

    One of the things you’ll notice about managed live chat at Greechat is that our agents are trained to handle anything. They have the knowledge and experience to handle any situation, and if they don’t know the answer to a question, they’ll always refer to you and add the answer to a database for future use.

    You can rest assured that your customers will receive a friendly, knowledgeable response from a real person who knows what to say, no matter what problem they may be having with the product or service you sell.

    Managed live chat supports your entire website.

    As a business owner, one of your main concerns is that your website is easy to use – and that goes for all devices. In fact, live chat works on every device and browser. That means you can talk with customers whether they’re accessing your site from their desktop computer, laptop or tablet, or phone.

    It’s available 24/7, all year long.

    What makes a business truly sustainable, however, is its ability to be there for its customers at any hour of the day.

    To do this, many companies use live chat software that allows them to communicate with customers in real-time. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to reach out during non-peak hours when your website traffic is low, and you don’t want to be distracted by phone calls or emails from people who may not even have questions about the products or services you offer.

    Live chat software allows your company to help customers and solve problems on demand, 24/7, 365 days per year, no matter where or when they contact you!

    A managed live chat system is a cost-effective solution for improving the customer journey.

    Live chat is easy to use, has a straightforward implementation process, and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Live chat software allows you to connect easily with customers in real time via a web-based platform. This results in an improved customer experience for your business that leads to increased sales and revenue. 

    Managed live chat can also be used as an alternative to social media or email marketing campaigns, as it can be used solely as a self-service asset where customers can ask questions at any time they wish.

    So, if you’re looking for a better way to help your customers and improve the customer experience, fully managed live chat is the way to go. It saves time and money by handling all of your customer service requests in real time, 24/7. 

    This means that when it comes time to choose between buying expensive equipment or hiring more staff members, make it easier for yourself by choosing managed live chat. It works across every device and platform so that no matter where they are on the web at any given moment, they can get help from an agent right away.
    Partner with us at Greechat and enjoy live chat services that always have ongoing optimisation to remain relevant in the ever changing and competitive e-commerce industry.