Top 5 Scripts And Templates To Follow For Customer Service Phone Calls

Have you ever had a customer service phone call go south? It happens to the best of us, especially when dealing with people suffering from an issue. In this post, we’ll explore five scripts and templates that can help you navigate these uncomfortable conversations and come out on top!

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What are customer service scripts?

Customer service scripts are a set of guidelines for customer service representatives to follow when answering the phone or chatting with customers. These scripts can be used by businesses, especially those that use outsourced or virtual call centre agents, to ensure that all customers receive a consistent message and get the same level of service.

In short, they help you stay on track rather than making mistakes or forgetting important details like where you’re supposed to send packages if someone asks for one in your script.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Customer service scripts are pre-written guidelines for customer service representatives to ensure consistency in messaging and level of service for all customers.

1. Live chat greeting scripts for customer service

A useful script you can use as a greeting during your live chat with customers greeting is one that makes sure you welcome your customer and thank them for contacting you. You can ask them how they are doing or if they need help finding something on the site or in their account. You can also ask if they have any questions about your product or service and let them know that you are there to help.

Here are some greeting script examples: 

  • ‘You are connected to [Company] Customer Service. What can I help you with?’
  • ‘It’s nice to see you again. I hope all is well with you. Would you like to see some new products now?’
  • If it’s a sales enquiry: ‘How can I help you today?’ If it’s an account open request: ‘How may I assist you?’ Or if you’re simply answering calls from existing customers: ‘It’s nice to hear from you’.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: A good greeting script should include welcoming the customer, thanking them for reaching out, and inquiring about their needs or questions.

2. Prompting the customer with a script template

Live chat is great if your user is unegaged on your website since you can prompt the customer with a script template. Compared to customer service answering the phone, it’s easier to do this via live chat without being intrusive. Some examples include the following.

  • ‘Hi there, would you like some help?’
  • ‘Hello there. I’m [customer service representative]. Is there anything you’re looking for?’
  • ‘Hey! Thanks for checking out our services. Do you need more information? I’d love to assist’.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Live chat is great if your user is unegaged on your website since you can prompt the customer with a script template.

3. Live chat scripts for asking for more information from customers

Asking for additional information from customers is crucial for providing them with the best possible experience. Without a complete understanding of their problem, it can be difficult to address their issue effectively. Here are some chat scripts for asking customers for more information on your customer service chat software:

  • ‘Could you please provide more details about the issue you’re experiencing? How long have you been having this problem, and have you tried to resolve it on your own?’
  • ‘Can you confirm your order number/delivery address/complaint reference? This will help us quickly and accurately resolve your issue’.
  • ‘I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a problem. Can you please tell us more so we can better understand and help you?’

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Asking for more information from customers during a live chat is crucial for providing them with an effective solution. Some useful questions to ask include asking for details about the problem, order number, delivery address, and other relevant information.

4. Customer service scripts for asking customers to fill out a form

It is important for your agents to solicit as much information as possible about customers and their problems so that the best possible experience is delivered. Forms can provide you with a lot of information. The chat sample or call centre script best practices can help you get customers to fill out the form easily. 

  • ‘We need more information from you in order to serve you better. Could you please fill out this form? It shouldn’t take more than two minutes’.
  • ‘It would be helpful if you could take a few minutes out of your day to fill out the little form below’.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: To effectively resolve customer issues, it’s important to gather as much information as possible. Using a form to gather this information is a helpful tool.

5. Chat scripts for thanking customers for bringing up the issue

During the chat, make sure to thank the customer for bringing up the issue. Ask if they need any other help or if there’s anything else that you can do for them. If they say no, offer to escalate their issue to a manager or ask if they’d like a callback from someone else in your team. Here are some useful examples: 

  • ‘We genuinely appreciate your effort in bringing this to our attention. Let us look into it.’
  • ‘Thanks for noticing this and letting us know. I assure you of quick help on that.’ 

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Show gratitude to your customers by thanking them for bringing up an issue and offering to assist further.

Follow these scripts to improve your customer service!

Customer service is hard. Every day, you’re on the front lines of an industry that can be difficult to navigate, and that’s not just because of the people you’re helping. Businesses aren’t always clear about how exactly they should be treating their customers – or even what customer service means at all!

If you’ve ever wondered how to improve your performance in this area, though, above are the five scripts and templates that will help. It will help you learn how to handle common problems with more confidence and professionalism. Even if you only use one of these templates or scripts, it will give you a good foundation for handling any situation. 


The easy-to-follow scripts and templates shared in this blog can hopefully help you deliver better customer service. 

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