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  • Live Chat Free Software vs Live Chat Agents?

    In general, live chat free software can be a reliable way to provide customer service and support on a website. However, they may miss many key functionalities that a fully managed live chat solution covers.

    Many top live chat software platforms are designed to be highly available and scalable so that they can handle large numbers of chats and users without downtime or other issues. As with any technology, there is always a possibility of technical issues or downtime, so it is important to choose a live chat provider with a good track record of reliability and robust support and maintenance services

    Using multiple chat agents and having backup systems in place can help ensure that live chat is available to website visitors, even if there are technical issues with the primary chat platform.

    A fully managed live chat solution is more versatile than simple software

    Live chat is great for handling complex, multi-part inquiries. For example, if a customer has a question that you can’t answer fully within the chat window, you can create a pre-written message and then paste it into your window as a reply to their original message.

    Making this adjustment will ensure that your customer always gets the most accurate and complete answer possible. Businesses with live chat softwares manned by real people often have more satisfied customers and fewer frustrated ones – which means happier customers and more repeat business.

    If there are any specific questions you want to be able to answer quickly and easily in the future, add them to your company knowledge base, where they’ll be readily accessible for all of your live chat softare agents.

    Live chat agents can be more personal

    Live chat is a better tool to use when trying to personalise a message for your customers.

    When you’re writing a direct response, you can change the name, personality, and other characteristics of the person you’re talking to. This allows your customers to feel like they are getting a message directly from you. It also allows for more natural conversations to take place.

    For example, if it’s a marketing message, the customer can ask questions about what the new offering does and how it can be used. They can make suggestions about their experience with previous products or share their ideas for improving the product. This interaction through live chat helps the marketing message feel less like a sales pitch and more like a conversation with a friend.

    Live chat agents can target specific leads or targets more subtly

    Live chat can be a powerfully subtle tool for drawing leads into your funnel; if implemented properly, you’ll notice that many of your new leads are the people who have engaged with your brand before in some way, whether they’ve contacted customer service or simply browsed your website.

    For example, if you have a new product on the market, live chat allows you to send messages to different segments of people interested in that product. You can even send them messages based on their in-app actions. If they’re looking at a product page, you could send them a message asking if they have any questions about the product. This way, live chat becomes more than just messaging but also becomes an easy and effective communication channel for brands to contact their target audience.

    Of course, it’s not a replacement for a phone call. But between a chatbot and a live chat service, the live chat wins out for those leads or targets who are currently busy and can’t take your call or open your email.

    Live chat agents offer real human interaction

    One of the most important factors contributing to a great customer experience is understanding emotions. It cannot be easily quantified or replicated, especially in customer support.

    When you’re experiencing a problem with a product or service, it’s frustrating to deal with automated systems that can’t handle the complex nature of an internet connection. It’s especially frustrating when you don’t know who to talk to next or whether anyone will respond.

    This is why live chat has an advantage over chatbots. With live chat, you’ll be speaking with an agent who can empathise with your situation because they’ve been through the same thing before. They will walk you through the process and offer help if you need it. You can tell them about how stressful your situation is and how badly you need help getting back online, and they will listen. They won’t rush you through it or try to push you off on someone else – they will work until the job is done.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could make customer service conversations even more human and friendly? What if our customers had access to the same apps as the world’s best customer service teams?

    Greechat agents especially understand what it’s like to want fast and effective help for a problem that could wait for no one. We have the kind of staffing you’d expect from a company that’s been in business for years and is one of the largest providers of live chat services. One of the ways we accomplish this is by maintaining a large staff of agents and quality assurance specialists.

    Our team of agents work across a wide range of industries, with more benefits than what a simple live chat free software can give you. We love what we do, and we want to make sure your customers can get their questions answered quickly and efficiently by the right person every time.

    Talk to us about our fully managed live chat service.