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    Learn How To Integrate A Live Chat Widget For Website

    A live chat widget is an excellent way to build a strong connection with your website visitors and convert them into customers. These widgets are easily customisable, with features allowing you to interact with your prospects in real time. 

    The more time you spend interacting with your prospects, the better result you get in conversions. In fact, according to a recent study done by Kayako, “Websites with live chat support tend to convert more than twice as many leads as those without.” 

    We’ll show you how live chat works and how to integrate it into your website. 

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    How does it work?

    A live chat widget is a simple web app you can add to your website. It allows visitors to communicate with you instantly, and it’s usually placed on the lower right side of a web page. The chat widget sends a user’s message as an email or SMS text message to you. You then get notified and respond using either your computer or mobile phone.

    The main benefit of integrating a live chat web app into a website is that it helps provide customers with round-the-clock support. It can help you answer visitors’ queries, clear their doubts and satisfy them well in advance before they decide to buy from you. 

    It can also help you analyse the behaviour pattern of visitors on your website and track their preferences simultaneously. Live chat for web pages helps support agents to multi-task by managing multiple conversations simultaneously in one go.

    Other benefits of having a live chat for small business and bigger ones include the following:

    • Making customers happier – online shoppers like being able to talk about their needs and questions before making purchases, making them feel more confident about buying from you instead of going elsewhere.
    • Easier sales – if someone has questions about products or services offered by your company, they can get answers instantly without wasting time looking around for information on other sites or waiting for someone else who may not even be able to answer their question at all!

    A live chat widget is like a messenger system that prompts every prospect or visitor of your website to contact you or ask questions about your service. 

    Most visitors spend only fifty-five seconds deciding if they want to try your product or service, so you won’t have any problem getting prospects if your website has a well-built live chat widget in place. It will let them directly contact you with their queries and help them resolve their doubts before buying any product from the online store. It helps increase the conversion rate and sales of your business.

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: A live chat widget is a web app that can be added to a website to provide round-the-clock customer support. It allows visitors to communicate with the company instantly through a chat interface and can be used to answer queries, clear doubts, and improve customer satisfaction. 

    An insight into customer behaviour

    You can integrate live chat into your website in a matter of minutes. Aside from interacting with prospects in real-time and clearing their doubts, it is also very helpful in tracking customer behaviour. 

    Understanding the behaviour pattern of visitors on your website and tracking their preferences at the same time are now both possible. 

    Live chat widgets allow you to build a strong connection with your website visitors by allowing them to interact directly with you through it, rather than going through different types of communication channels for assistance like email or phone calls etc., which might require multiple interactions before solving their problem, query, or issue(s).

    With a full history of conversations between your company and the customer, live chat is handy for businesses with multiple employees handling the same account or for those using live chat as part of a multi-channel support approach.

    It will also let you know if there are any issues with how your staff handle those conversations, which can be helpful when training them on how best to support their customers.

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Live chat widgets not only offer real-time interaction with prospects but also provide insight into customer behaviour by tracking their preferences and behaviour patterns on your website.

    Handling multiple conversations

    With the help of live chat widgets, support agents can also multi-task by managing multiple conversations simultaneously in one go. As soon as a support agent gets free after one interaction, he/she can start another conversation with another visitor waiting in the queue.

    This is quite beneficial for businesses because it helps them engage with their website visitors better and provides them with a better customer service experience. A live chat widget is a powerful tool that lets your website visitors interact directly with you on the page itself. Also, it allows you to have a real-time conversation with your customers within seconds!

    The most important thing about a live chat widget is that it’s customisable according to your requirement and needs. You can change its look and feel according to your business requirements by customising different settings like colour schemes, font size, background image etc., as per your requirement or liking of style.

    Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, a live chat widget also has another significant benefit: it allows you to reduce your support ticket load by increasing your customer satisfaction rate. It helps you interact with website visitors directly in real time, thereby helping you identify their problems quickly and efficiently.

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Live chat widgets allow support agents to multi-task by managing multiple conversations simultaneously, providing a better customer service experience. 

    Live chat is a handy business sales tool. 

    A live chat widget is a great way to engage with your website visitors. It enables you to interact with them in a quick, convenient and personal way. This feature helps you answer all the queries of visitors on your website, clear their doubts and satisfy them well in advance before they decide to buy from you.

    Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but sadly, not all customers get the help they need the moment they enter your website. In spite of the fact that most customer questions can be answered on the website already, they need someone who can guide them patiently.

    In the crowded digital marketplace, brands are fighting harder than ever to reach and engage customers. Yet they need help to convert visitors into leads or buyers. However, the barrier to implementing live chat is low, making it a powerful and affordable tool for inbound marketers looking to boost their visits, leads and sales.


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