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    When you take a look at a lot of successful online stores today, you’ll likely find some form of chat software somewhere on their page.

    This is by design. Since the moment the first text message was sent back in 1992, we’ve been communicating a wide range of messages, not just to peers and loved ones but also to businesses and service providers.

    These same businesses and service providers have since expanded their feedback channels to include text messages, emails, and instant messaging to keep up with the times, and today, they are considered essential for running a successful business online.

    In short, chat software is a highly practical and useful customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It’s even better when it can be deployed and subsequently utilised by your customer base in real-time – that is, as a live chat on website that customers can access 24/7. 

    Greechat, for example, provides proactive live chat software that delivers real-time customer service to trigger engagement, build trust, and minimise cart or page abandonment.

    Chat software features are all about making your business feel more customer-focused and interactive – so let’s talk about them.

    How do chatbots work?

    Chatbots, automated live chat, and custom live chat widgets can either be an application or tool embedded into a platform or a separate chat client that’s been integrated into the website. In some instances, this customer support service can be accessed through a special URL or link, leading to a customer support portal or separate application.

    While it’s possible to develop custom chat support from scratch, it’s accepted best practice to outsource it to live chat providers like Greechat, who specialise in training, implementing, and fully managing these chat software solutions.

    As for how the chat software is used, the process is relatively straightforward.

    Customers trigger the chat tool or widget either by clicking on the chat support icon or interacting with a pop-up chat window. They’re shown a pre-recorded or pre-written greeting, which also often includes a brief list of FAQ categories. For live agent chats, some may request a form of identity verification for security purposes.

    Specifically for a real livechat system, the customer may also go through a survey that gives the agent context on what they need help with. Whereas chatbots can either offer generic support for common actions, like directing a customer to the checkout page or a specific product category, live chats take a more personal approach and converse with the customer through organic conversation.

    Unlike some automated chat software solutions, deploying the best chat tools or widgets involves more than just installing the software.

    If you use analytics to track your engagement or conversion metrics, for example, you’ll want a chat client that can integrate the analytics service to gain more insights into your customers’ shopping or interaction behaviours. To this end, Greechat can also provide digital marketing strategies that can also be implemented or integrated with your live chat software.

    How do chatbot support services benefit eCommerce websites?

    For eCommerce websites specifically, conversions are the bread and butter of their operations, whether it’s a successful purchase, a voluntary newsletter signup, or a free or paid trial subscription to a service. 

    However, chatbot support services are limited in their ability to help businesses. To this end, let’s get granular regarding the specific benefits that live chat software can offer.

    It streamlines the customer service part of running a business. 

    Most people do not enjoy waiting in line. In the same vein, many online shoppers often abandon a digital shopping cart when they can’t find supplemental information about a product, payment channel, or delivery method. Employing a live chat for sales cuts down on this frustration by offering real-time advice and guidance.

    It provides empathetic and proactive support. 

    When utilised effectively, live chat software can help boost engagement and conversion rates, especially when customer support is proactive. Businesses that provide customer support through a chat widget are likely to leave a positive impression on customers that can lead to a successful sale, for example.

    It establishes a sense of trust. 

    Even the mere presence of a chat support box or window can increase conversions. Having the option to ask a real chat live support agent about a product or service offers customers the reassurance that, should they have any questions or need information they can’t immediately find, there’s a resource they can fall back on or reach out to.

    These are only a few of the many benefits and advantages of eCommerce website chat services. Greechat’s fully managed live chat software and services can implement all of these and more for your business.

    Are all chat support website widgets handled by live agents?

    While we cannot speak for other providers, Greechat does deploy our best live chat agents as part of our fully managed proactive chat solutions.

    Personalised client support is the key to providing excellent customer service, especially great live chat services. 

    While chatbots can handle simple tasks like checking order status and answering common questions, they can’t navigate more complex interactions such as refunds or returns enquiries, product recommendations, or after-sales support. On the other hand, a live chat agent can provide this human touch because they’re able to empathise with and guide the customer regarding their concerns or issues.

    That’s what Greechat offers, above all: a truly human interaction for your customers with less hassle for you. Our integrated live chat software solutions deliver all the benefits of live chat without the time-consuming conversations and micromanagement that come with directly overseeing a complex business chat service

    Best of all, Greechat’s managed live chat solutions can be scaled up or down depending on your business model, scale, or needs.

    When you provide proactive customer support to your customers, you keep them happy and help your business grow. Let us help you provide this much-needed support.

    Contact us at Greechat for more information on our service and pricing.