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    Unlock More Sales With Live Chat For Web: Greechat’s Fully Managed Service

    A website is the cornerstone of any successful e-commerce business, and live chat for web platforms has become an essential component in customer support. Live chat software allows businesses to connect with customers quickly and easily, providing a more personalised experience than traditional email or phone support. 

    However, what should you look for when choosing the right business chat service? You can make everything easier for you with us at Greechat. We have a fully managed live chat service that offers 24/7 proactive customer engagement and helps drive sales without sacrificing efficiency or quality. 

    In this article, we’ll explore how our comprehensive offering provides an effective way to manage your website’s online conversations while delivering better results from existing traffic on your site. Learn about why you should choose Greechat’s fully managed live chat service today!

    What are the advantages of having a live chat app on my website?

    Here are some of the advantages of having Greechat’s live chat for web page support:

    Improved customer satisfaction

    Having an online chat web site feature can help improve satisfaction by providing customers with quick answers to their questions or concerns. As such, they don’t have to wait long periods of time for an email response or make phone calls that may take even longer. Greechat helps create positive experiences, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business.

    Improved sales conversions

    You may want to know how helpful it could be when you utilise live chat for sales conversions.

    A live chat for web pages allows you to engage potential customers in real-time as they browse through your products or services. With us at Greechat, you can offer personalised advice, suggest related items, and address any objections quickly – all of which could result in more sales from visitors who would otherwise leave without making a purchase.

    Cost savings

    Using live chat for web pages instead of traditional customer service methods such as telephone support lines can save you money in the long run since it requires fewer resources (i.e., no need to pay for physical set-ups). 

    At Greechat, you can onboard our expert team and leverage our live chat software – further reducing costs associated with staffing needs while still providing timely responses when needed most.

    Now that you know how valuable of an asset our live web chat for business is, don’t hesitate to reach out to our representatives to get started!

    What should I look for when choosing live chat software?

    When choosing an option for your website, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure the live chat for web page software is easy to use and provides a great user experience. At Greechat, we have features like custom chatbox customisation, integration with other platforms (like CRM systems), analytics capabilities, and more.

    It’s also important that the software for live chat for web pages integrates seamlessly with your existing online presence or e-commerce platform. This way, customers don’t have any trouble navigating from one page to another while chatting with an agent. 

    Aside from taking this into account, we at Greechat also offer additional services such as reporting tools and analytics dashboards so you can track performance over time and make informed decisions about how to best serve your customers going forward. Additionally, in order to deliver better experiences overall, we offer proactive customer service that anticipates customer needs before they arise.

    For businesses looking for convenience without sacrificing quality, Greechat’s fully managed live chat for support concerns could be just the right solution. 

    Our 24/7 fully managed live chat for web pages takes care of all the aspects of running a successful business: from onboarding agents through training them on product knowledge; managing backups; monitoring chats; providing QA reviews; offering real-time reporting and insights into performance metrics – all while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

    Try us out, and be free to focus on other aspects of your enterprise!

    How much do live chat apps usually cost?

    When it comes to the cost of live chat on website pages, the general rates would depend on the type of service you choose. 

    While you might think about using a free live chat app or software, the truth is that these options would only typically provide general customer service, perhaps even implementing catch-all automated replies and website chat AI that won’t be able to give your customers personalised advice.

    With this, if you’re looking for a proactive chat software solution that includes team onboarding and advanced software with data-gathering capabilities, then the cost will be more than worth it when compared to having a run-off-the-mill live web chat for free.

    Rest assured that we at Greechat will always offer a fully managed live chat service that’s catered to your specific business needs. An average account with us would include a professional customer service team of eight agents, two QAs, one supervisor, and one manager. What’s more, we have 24/7 coverage and backups should there be an influx of customers visiting your website.

    With us, you can expect a contract-free agreement for the first month, so you can comfortably view the statistics and ROI. This process makes our whole arrangement an attractive choice for those who would like to analyse the data and progress before standardising the live chatting system into their business operations.

    All-in-all, a website livechat can be a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to drive more sales, but the exact cost of such services varies depending on a variety of factors. At Greechat, you can get a custom offer that’s even compatible with other web chat tools like Google Analytics and InfusionSoft. 

    Come join us today and have access to round-the-clock quality support without having to worry about staffing issues or the costs associated with running your own system internally. Get started today and enjoy our two-minute code implementation!