6 Best Free Live Chat Software Features You Can Use Right Now

Many best free live chat software features have become popular for businesses to offer their customers. It’s a convenient way for you to provide fast answers to questions, address issues, and even sell products.

The best free live chat software lets you communicate directly with your customers. This puts you in a much better position to resolve problems and engage with your community. With live chat, you can customise it to fit your business needs, so if you’re looking for a more hands-on approach but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our list of small business live chat software.

If you run a website, you may wonder which is the best free live chat software for your website. After all, they can be a bit of an investment in time and money. Don’t worry: here are six features we suggest you try for your live chat softwares.

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Live chat features onboarding automation

Customer onboarding is equally important to your marketing and sales efforts; you want to keep them interested and engaged with your product while they’re learning how it works.

Some of the best live chat software will even take care of some of the customer onboarding for you by automatically filling in the customer’s information when they sign up and automatically creating a welcome message.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: With live chat software, you can provide the most helpful support since you can directly communicate with them and guide them through the features. 

Live chat widgets make chat access user-friendly

A widget for live chat services often appears as either a pop-up window or an overlay on your website that users can click on at any time. 

Useful information like this helps you ensure that customers are taken care of and happy, which is essential for any online business that wants to thrive. Some options for the best free live chat software widgets are as follows: some offer full functionality, while others target only specific interactions with your customers. Because of this, it’s important to take the time to evaluate all of your options before you decide which one will work best for your company.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: This allows them to talk with an agent without leaving your website while providing you with important information about what they’re looking at on your site right now.

An autodialer or auto-responder can automate website features.

An autodialer, also known as a dialer or an auto-responder, is software that automatically sends out messages through text messages or emails when certain conditions are met.

This is useful for a variety of things. For example, you might have an autodialer respond with specific links based on chat responses while your live chat agents are currently engaged.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: You could also use an autodialer to make announcements in chat rooms, respond to questions, or automatically remind people about upcoming or ongoing events like sales or new service launches.

Chat widget layouts integrate seamlessly with front-end design.

When using a built-in chat widget or an external service, this feature should be responsive and simple to understand.

You need to be able to quickly see who you’re speaking with and what they’re typing, so avoid live chat free software layouts that put too much space between the chat box and the message field.

You also want to avoid leaving the chat box in a position where it can’t easily be seen right above or below your website’s content – it should be obvious that there’s an option for live help, not just another part of your site that people have to click on more than once.

In addition to the layout, you should focus on ensuring that what your users see as they begin chatting can be easily understood. Make sure that all of your buttons are visible at first glance, and if you have any pre-written responses, make sure they’re clear enough to understand without having to figure out what response goes with what.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Choosing the right layout or design for your best free live chat software is important to the impression it makes on your website visitors.

Website visitors can view live agent status

This feature lets you see which agents are online so that customers know who’s available for questions and enquiries at any time.

A live agent is a rep who can chat with customers on the site, and it’s proven itself to be a very popular way for customers to get answers to their questions quickly. Many customers prefer the best free live chat software features they know because they can get their questions answered immediately and do it in-line right from their campaign overview page.

There are no distractions or interruptions when you use this feature because you can bring up the chat box right where you need it.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: In this way, if a customer is experiencing an issue and wants to speak with someone immediately, they will know who’s online they can speak to immediately. 

An inline view for live chat agents makes tracking interactions more intuitive.

The inline view feature for the best free live chat software lets agents see what is happening in the customer’s browser window while they type messages back and forth without switching between tabs or windows on their web browser or chat platform.

Inline view also strategically displays helpful information, such as dynamic social media feeds, holiday hours, and other relevant links.

The view of the customer’s browser makes it possible for agents to see and fix issues with their website while they are messaging customers, which means less back and forth and more time spent helping your customers. As a result, your customers will have fewer problems and be happier, which benefits your company by improving customer satisfaction ratings.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: This feature makes it easier for agents to quickly address customer concerns without slowing the conversation because they do not have to switch between tabs. 

You can’t go wrong with live chat.

Businesses have used the best free live chat software for years. And just recently, the tech has become easier for new companies to get started with. Easier than ever, business users can begin their live chats from live chat providers, scalable based on the size of your business or company. No expertise is required, and the features are effective.

So why not get a jumpstart away from the competition? Look into what live chat services can give your business.


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