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    How The Best Live Chat Tool Can Drive Leads Up

    You’re reading this because you want to learn more about live chat software and its importance to your business. This may lead to wondering how many leads your company could generate using a live chat tool or if you can even afford it. 

    Another thing is thinking about all the benefits of having an online agent available 24/7 for your customers. Still, you also want to know if there are any downsides or disadvantages to live chat software before making a move. 

    Well, we have good news for you: adding an automated live chat service would improve your efficiency and lead generation rate! This blog shows you how live chat can help drive leads through your website. 

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    First impressions count

    Did you know that customers are more likely to buy from a company that offers live chat? The first impression of your brand is important, and live chat makes it easy for customers to get answers to their questions. 

    Live chat is also a great way to build trust with customers by providing answers quickly and giving them insight into what you can do for them. This builds brand loyalty, which leads to repeat business.

    It’s not just that people like connecting with someone in real time – it’s also because they want someone who cares about their interests and well-being! That’s why companies like Apple make customer service an integral part of their business model: it keeps customers returning for more (and spending lots more).

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: By providing answers quickly and explaining what you’re able to do for your customers, you’re able to build trust and generate repeat business by making a good first impression on your live chat service. 

    Hitting sales goals efficiently at once 

    Live chat is a great tool for improving sales efficiency and can also help reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. How does it work? By giving you the power to talk directly with your customers!

    When a customer has a question about their purchase, your company, or your products, live chat lets them get in touch with you immediately. It’s like having an employee on hand 24/7.

    And it’s not just about answering questions – live chat can also save you time and money by helping you prevent some problems. For example, you sell shoes online, but sometimes customers want to return them because they don’t fit right or they don’t like the colour. 

    If you’re using live chat software, your customers will tell you immediately that they want to return their shoes instead of waiting until after receiving their shipping label in the mail (and then complaining about how long it takes). This means fewer returns and less hassle for both parties involved!

    Sometimes, customers may also order something and then realise they don’t need it anymore – but they don’t want to pay return shipping fees either! 

    With live chat software, you can offer your customer a refund or store credit without sending the item back. This is especially helpful if they’re trying to decide between two different products and need some help deciding which one is better for them. 

    Live chat software has other features, too, like being able to add items to the cart from chatting with customers – so you can close more sales! And there’s also a chatbot feature that can be used on your website or in the app. 

    The bot will ask customers questions about their needs and help them find what they’re looking for. This can be especially useful if your store only has a few products but you want it to look like it has hundreds (or even thousands) of options!

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Live chat offers a variety of features that can help you close more deals such as providing your customers with the information they need to make a purchase or take action. 

    Saving money on call centres

    The cost of a call centre is one of the biggest reasons businesses use live chat software. Many companies have learnt that it’s cheaper to hire someone who can answer customer questions and solve their problems than use an expensive call centre, which could get quite costly over time.

    So, how much does it cost? Well, if you compare a typical call centre worker with someone trained to go live chat with customers and do it excellently without customer service answering the phone, what would be a reasonable price for this kind of service?

    It’s hard to say exactly how much it would cost, but if you compare it to the cost of a call centre, then you could say that live chat software is at least 30% cheaper. 

    Moreover, if a company uses customer service chat software instead of hiring someone from an outsourced call centre, then they would save at least 30% on their monthly costs for customer service alone.

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Businesses use live chat software because they can save money compared to using call centres. 

    No wait time on the phone

    Your customers can talk to a live chat agent right away. No need to wait on the phone, call back or keep trying to get through. They won’t have to wait for a response or reply either because we know how annoying it is to get answers from someone who keeps us hanging.

    And best of all, there’s no more waiting for a live chat! Agents are ready to help at all times so potential and current customers can get an answer fast – whether that means finding out if an item is in stock or learning about the latest promotions.

    Customers can as well talk to an agent about anything from finding a product in-store to checking out an order or getting the best deal on some of the most popular items. They can even get help with questions about return policies, shipping and more!

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Customers don’t have to wait with a live chat service as agents are always ready to help, helping customers make a decision faster. 

    Live chat is great for inbound marketers 

    Once you’ve identified the right information through live chat sessions, you can use it for retargeting ads that are more relevant than ever before – helping drive even more traffic back to your site! If your business wants more leads and sales, then a live chat tool will help you do that. It’s not just a tool for customer support but also a way to create more sales opportunities for your business. 

    It allows customers to ask questions before buying from you, which helps them make better decisions when it comes time to buy something from someone else.


    This blog aims to provide you with invaluable information on how to utilise live chat for your business growth. 

    With Greechat, businesses can maximise their website for sales by engaging with visitors who have previously been inactive, through our 24/7 live chat service.