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    As someone who has experience running an enterprise, you probably already know that your entire business is only as good as the sum of its parts, and that includes the chat agent you’re looking to bring on board. However, finding the appropriate live chat web site service for your requirements can be difficult if you don’t know what it is you’re exactly looking for. 

    Rather than spending hours on your computer screen looking through website after website, why don’t you make it easier on yourself by opting for one of the fully managed support chat services at Greechat? With us, you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands, as we’re all about connecting you with your valued customer base. 

    Gone are the days when enterprises would have to rely on catch-all options that lack the customisation you need. Allow us to present you with a website livechat option that’ll be suitable for your internal strategies and overall setup. With just a few simple steps, you can be up and running in no time.

    Come and see what we have in store for you at Greechat! 

    How do I find the right chat support service?

    Fostering stronger relationships with your customers starts with finding the right customer support service. In order to see what would work for your business, you’d have to take into consideration the inclusion of a live chat team, compatibility with the industry you work in, and last but not least, customer service chat sustainability. 

    Chat agent inclusion

    Seeing that you’re a busy enterprise owner, you wouldn’t want to shell out an unnecessary amount of time and resources just to onboard a live chat team. That’s why on top of our state-of-the-art software, we at Greechat also assign a dedicated team (on average, eight agents, two QAs, one supervisor, and one account manager) that’ll be assigned to your account.

    Industry compatibility

    Concerned that your business chat support provider won’t understand the intricacies of your industry? 

    That won’t be a problem here at Greechat, as we have specialist teams, including those from the medical, real-estate, automotive, education, and legal sectors. For questions we don’t have the answers to, we’ll always refer to the client before we follow up with the customer, and we’ll add this information to our knowledge base to ensure our agents stay informed with the latest updates.

    Customer service chat sustainability

    While an online support chat service might live up to your standards at first, that doesn’t mean it’ll hold true a few years from now. At Greechat, we make sure that there’ll always be ongoing optimisation with our chat software and teams. You can even have peace of mind as your first month with us will be contract-free, so you can see your ROI and assess our suitability before you commit.

    If you want a live chat customer service option that covers all the points mentioned above and provides even more benefits on top of that, then look no further than us at Greechat. Not only do we have incredible terms and conditions for our livechat system, but we also have advanced features that any business can use  to convert engagement into leads.

    Continue reading to learn more about chat agent offers and other similar topics regarding customer support!

    What are the responsibilities of a live chat agent?

    A live chat agent is responsible for providing proactive customer support and assistance through online live web chats

    Their tasks often revolve around answering general or specific questions, troubleshooting problems customers may have, and of course, providing information about products and services, thereby converting visitors into potential leads for the business. Apart from these responsibilities, agents are expected to type quickly and accurately, as well as have strong communication skills.

    When you partner with us at Greechat, you can expect our team to fulfil all these after just about one week of chat agent training. As a result, they’ll be able to help you create a more personalised bond with your customer base. By addressing their concerns in real-time, a live agent can improve customer satisfaction and, in turn, deliver consistent and recurring sales for your business. 

    The website chat team you’ll have can assist you when it comes to making leads through proactive and effective means. A chat agent will serve as the connection that allows your customers to reach out to your business and recognise your brand as a whole. 

    Finally, our live chat team will save time for both your beloved customers and your administration staff. They’ll answer questions quickly so that your website visitors can move on with their day after happily purchasing your product or service. Similarly, your business can have more opportunities to handle other important matters, even those that aren’t related to live chat for your website

    Is it possible to have 24/7 chat support on my website?

    What’s great about our chat agent service is that we have website network support for all hours of the day. This means that every customer that goes through your platform can be greeted by a live chat agent if they have any burning questions or are looking through certain pages.

    We find that most of our clients, regardless of what industry they work in, switch to our 24/7 live chat option. This is because a whole-day setup can help customers who are scrolling through your website during early mornings or late nights, and it could even free up the team’s workload so that they can maximise reply quality.

    Not to worry; we at Greechat are completely flexible. If your business isn’t quite sure about 24/7 chat support, you can make a request informing us that you want team availability at specific times and schedules (such as peak hours). This also means that your chat box will only be visible when your team is online and ready to interact with your customers. 
    Now that you know more about our chatting system and fully managed chat agent service, don’t hesitate to partner up with us at Greechat. It only takes two minutes to implement our code, one week to onboard our agents, and one month to start showing ROI. Get started today!