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    What Is A Livechat Plugin and How Does It Work

    Image by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

    We’re all familiar with the customer support process. You’ve got your customers, your website, and a phone number that you can call to get help from a company rep. But what about a live customer support tool? 

    A livechat system is a way for businesses to provide fast and effective customer service online without having to manually answer questions over email or phone. In this article, we’ll discuss what live chat plugins are and how they work so that you can decide if one will be useful for your company’s customer service needs!

    What is a live chat plugin?

    If you’re looking to provide customer service on your website, then a live chat plugin is a great way to do so. An online chat web site feature lets you communicate directly with your customers in real time. You can use it to answer questions about products or services that they may have and also sell those same things to them.

    There are many different types of plugins out there today, but most of them work pretty much the same way. There will usually be some kind of button on the page that lets users contact someone via chat. 

    How does it work?

    You’ve probably seen them before; a website has a live chat box on the page, and you can see that they’re using one of these plugins to provide their customers with instant access. But what is a live chat plugin? How does it work? And what are its features? 

    A live chat plugin is an application that allows your business to host conversations with your customers through text. Livechat services are usually embedded directly into your website, although some versions require additional setup from developers if you want to make changes or customise them for specific purposes, like adding custom logos.

    Features vary from product to product, but most include tools like :

    • auto-scheduling so users can be matched with someone at certain times during the day;
    • real-time monitoring of information sent by clients;
    • integrations with other programs like customer relationship management (CRM) software or marketing automation platforms;
    • data tracking, such as time spent chatting with customers; and
    • API support so developers can create add-ons for new features, such as managing multiple chats simultaneously using different devices (e.g., one person could talk on their phone while another speaks via computer).

    Some of these plugins even allow businesses without technical resources at their disposal to access all these benefits without needing any experience in coding whatsoever.

    What are its benefits?

    Live chat plugins provide many benefits for your company. Some of the most important ones include the following:

    Increased conversion rates

    Because of the shorter average time to contact and faster response times, live chat users are more likely to complete their purchase on the first try. This means that you’ll get more sales in less time.

    Higher customer satisfaction 

    Customers who have had a positive experience will be happier, so they’re more likely to tell their friends about it, which can lead to increased sales and growth for your business as well as repeat purchases from new customers who see your company as trustworthy and reliable.

    Better customer retention 

    When people have a great experience with a company, they’re much more likely to come back in the future because they trust it enough not only on this occasion but also when making future purchases or doing business with them. 

    Why should you get live chat software?

    Live chat software is becoming more and more popular because it makes communication with your customers easier than ever before.

    If you’re struggling to communicate with your customers and want to build trust, then live chat may be the best way to do it. Here are some reasons:

    • Live chat helps increase sales by giving potential customers a real-time connection with your business. Instead of having someone read an email or call in, they can interact directly with you when they have questions or concerns about your product or service.
    • It can also help improve customer satisfaction because it allows them to get answers quickly without having to wait on hold for hours at a time! 
    • Live chats decrease support costs because there won’t be as many calls coming into call centres which means less overhead costs associated with hiring agents who handle phone calls from customers who aren’t happy with their purchases/services provided by companies like yours.

    A livechat plugin is an essential tool for your website

    A live chat plugin is a helpful tool for engaging with customers on your website. It’s one of the most effective ways to increase customer satisfaction and sales and can help build trust in your brand.

    We’re excited to see you get out there and start using live chat software! It can make all the difference in your business, and we hope that our guide has helped you understand why. 

    At Greechat, we help businesses drive more sales and increase customer engagement through our 24/7 live chat service.