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    Mastering The Art Of Customer Service: Answering The Phone

    If you’re thinking about the topic ‘Customer Service: Answering The Phone’, you’re most likely an enterprise owner who wants to form better bonds with those buying your products or services. With this, you should know that good customer support is the key to success for any business, especially when it comes to providing quick responses. 

    What’s more, it’s important that your customers are met with a friendly and professional greeting when they browse your platform. Ultimately, options like a phone answering service or a business chat service can help build trust, which leads to better long-term relationships, so make sure you take into account the following information for optimum customer service.

    This article will discuss how best to greet your customers on the phone as well as problem-solving techniques, proper ways of ending a call or conversation, and even what skills an effective live chat agent should have up their sleeve. 

    Continue reading and learn about the ways you can leverage your business phone service and live chat for sales growth!

    What is the proper greeting for a customer service call?

    When understanding matters like customer service, answering the phone, or live chat for support, you should know that first impressions last. As such, your team must work on establishing a rapport through a friendly greeting that’s warm and welcoming. 

    It should include the name of your company or organisation, so your brand sticks with the customer even after the interaction. For example, your team should be going for a greeting like ‘Thank you for contacting ABC Company, this is [name], how can I help you?’ or something similar. This line establishes the conversation, lets the customer know who they are speaking with, and makes them feel at home.

    Afterwards, your team should be asking follow-up questions to provide solutions for any of your customer’s burning concerns. 

    Asking questions 

    Having established rapport, one of the most crucial tips for both phone and chat live support agents is asking further questions to better comprehend what assistance needs to be provided.

    Asking open-ended questions such as ‘What can I do for you today?’ allows customers to explain their issues without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Additionally, asking clarifying questions helps ensure that all parties involved have an understanding of how to proceed in order to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

    In essence, the proper greeting for a customer service call should be friendly and professional, with the intention of creating an atmosphere of trust. This can help to ensure that customers feel comfortable discussing their needs and issues, allowing for a successful resolution. 

    If hiring and training your own business staff on ‘Customer Service: Answering the phone’ seems too complicated, then you can rest assured that we at Greechat have an alternative solution for you. With us, you can have a 24/7 managed live chat service that provides exceptional customer support.

    Consider trying out our livechat system by onboarding an expert Greechat team that already knows all the fundamentals of customer service (consisting of an average of eight agents, two QAs, one supervisor, and one account manager).

    How do I properly end a customer support call?

    Seeing that you’re keen on tackling ‘Customer Service: Answering the phone’, then you should also know how to conclude the call. This can be done by providing solutions to your customer’s issues and then closing the interaction through kind recommendations. 

    Providing solutions 

    When all necessary information has been gathered from the customer, it is time to provide solutions based on their individual needs and preferences. When providing solutions, make sure that each option offered is clearly explained so that customers can make informed decisions about which one best suits their situation. 

    Additionally, if there are any extra steps needed after selecting a solution (such as filling out forms or making payments), these should also be outlined during this part of the conversation so that customers know what will happen next in terms of resolving their issue(s).

    It’s worth noting that this could effectively be done when you employ a website chat system since agents can easily send the customers the link that will lead them to the page they’re looking for.

    Kind recommendations

    At the end of every call, it is important to thank customers for taking time out of their day to speak with your business or organisation. Let them know how much you appreciate them being a valued customer, client, etc.

    In line with ‘Customer Service: Answering the phone’, offering follow-up support and sending related resources shows your commitment towards helping them find a resolution while creating an even more positive experience overall.

    However, if you want to have these phone answering techniques for customer service applied to proactive chat software, then we at Greechat have the solution for you. Our team can be trained to your liking, and each customer interaction can be better recorded and analysed through our chatting system.

    What important customer service skills should a live chat agent have?

    Customer service, answering the phone, and having a chat in live channels all have one aspect in common: agents who have the necessary skills to facilitate positive conversations. These individuals would need to be able to listen carefully, solve contextualised problems, and provide follow-up support. 

    • Listen carefully. It’s important for agents to not only comprehend what’s been said but also interpret any underlying emotions that may be present in order for them to provide a suitable response.
    • Solve contextualised problems. These agents often encounter difficult situations where quick thinking is needed. As such, they need to come up with an effective resolution quickly and efficiently, all without needing too much time e for research or analysis.
    • Provide follow-up support. After resolving an issue, it’s important for agents to follow up afterwards. This ensures that everything was resolved satisfactorily, with no other questions/concerns left unanswered from the initial conversation.

    Having the mentioned customer service skills is essential for live chat agents to provide effective and efficient customer support. With this, we at Greechat pride ourselves on having a deployable team that could work for your enterprise, as well as advanced software that gathers analytics to help you make future business decisions.

    Consider moving on from customer service over the phone, and join us today to find a custom live chat offer that suits your needs!