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    Your website is designed to convert traffic into leads, but what’s the point if they don’t get answers to their questions? You’ve got a website chat box, but it’s never used. You want more sales and insights but don’t know how to get them. 

    At Greechat, a chat in live chat boxes isn’t just a call centre task. It’s also a process in digital marketing as we convert what we learn from our conversations into quantitative leads for developing your business in the online space.

    Not only do we provide the software, agents, and management team to engage your visitors 24/7 through live chat proactively, but we also deliver more sales and customer insights. 

    What are the benefits of chat in live for customer service?

    A proactive approach to a chat in live chat support is an effective way for a business to naturally gather customer feedback and insight about their brand, products and services without hounding people with surveys or feedback forms. Moreover, with our live chat, you can also expect our quality service to come with benefits for customer service. 

    • Proactive live chat. Our live chat agents will engage with visitors even before they ask for help so that we can capture their interest and convert leads into customers. Moreover, for the vast majority of general questions, our live chat agent can promptly answer them and direct them to relevant product or service pages. For the few questions we cannot answer, we refer to our clients and ensure that we will get back to the customers before reverting them. 
    • Building customer loyalty. One of the keys to effective customer service is having a human touch when interacting with your customers. They like their questions and concerns are being seen and answered by real humans instead of a chatbot. A live chat helps the customer recognise your brand as trustworthy and more likely to purchase a product or service from your business now and in the future. 
    • Quality chat support. We forward all our chat transcripts and customer feedback to our clients so that they can help us build our knowledge base and adjust their website or customer service for future customers. Moreover, our live chat for support is screened and monitored by dedicated managers who ensure the quality of the interaction and help deliver that.  

    If you partner with Greechat, you are free to take advantage of our chat in live chat service and reap all of the benefits mentioned. To better understand what we have in store and how to install our live chat app, take a look at our specific features, and when you’re ready, work with us for our fully managed live chat solution! 

    How do I install a live chat app on my website?

    Our live chat software only takes one hour to set up on your website; there is no need for long, drawn-out conversations about how we will do things. Furthermore, it takes a week to onboard our live chat agents with your business processes. Within a month, you can start receiving your return on investment. After that, it only takes us less than an hour each month to maintain our live chat app.

    When you partner with us at Greechat, you can expect our live chat app to be live and fully functioning within a week. A live chat for your website will allow you to create a more personalised relationship with your customers and start making returns as soon as possible. The sooner you have a live chat app on your website promoting a proactive chat in live chat boxes, the sooner your business can develop further. 

    Let your business leverage new opportunities and handle other important matters by partnering with Greechat to drive your growth online. After all, we’re more than just customer service. We’re also passionate about boosting your conversions. 

    How do live chat widgets work for e-commerce websites?

    When it comes to e-commerce, live chat widgets are an essential tool for driving sales and providing customer support.

    Here’s how they work:

    • Live chat widgets are embedded onto e-commerce websites.
    • Customers can then use the widget to start a conversation with a customer service representative or sales agent in real time.
    • The conversations take place via text message, with both parties able to see and respond to each other in real time.
    • This helps to provide a more personalised level of service which can encourage customers to make purchases, as well as address any concerns they may have about products before committing to a purchase.
    • In addition, having chat agents available 24/7 means that even if website visitors are browsing outside of business hours, they will still be able to get their questions answered promptly.

    Overall, this provides a much better experience for customers, which is more likely to lead them back in future and recommend the site (and the company) to others.

    Your business brand image is crucial to your customers’ recognition of you in person and online. At Greechat, you can customise the look and feel of your website’s live chat box to suit your business’s brand image, from changing the colour scheme to logo placement.

    At Greechat, we are entirely flexible. If your business wants something specific for your live chat widgets, you can speak to our product specialists to discuss variations to the device. Moreover, we also offer flexibility in other ways too.

    If you aren’t sure yet if your website will need 24/7 live chat support, you may request to enable it at specific times (such as peak hours), which means you’ll only be able to see your chat box if your team is online and ready to engage customers. 

    We invite you to partner with Greechat now that you’ve learned more about our chat system and how having a chat agent behind the scenes can improve conversion rates. You only need a few minutes to set up to start seeing a return on your investment within a month. 

    Find out how you can turn customer service into customer conversions. Get started with Greechat today!