4 Ways You Can Win Back A Frustrated Customer On Your Chat Online Site

Image by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

The customer service industry has changed over the years. Today’s customers expect a lot more; they want to be listened to, and they want answers as quickly as possible. If you can’t give them an answer immediately, you need to be honest about what is happening and when they can expect a response. 

It’s common for some customers to be upset or even angry after your services or products have failed to meet their expectations. But a frustrated customer is not a lost customer – at least, not yet. So make sure you know how to use your business chat feature to win them back before it’s too late. 

Here’s how.

  1. Acknowledge their problem.

When you talk to a customer who is frustrated or upset, the first thing to do is acknowledge the problem. You can say something like, ‘I’m so sorry that happened’ or ‘That’s not how it should be.’

You’ve got two options here: you can either show empathy for their frustration or offer solutions for what’s bothering them. If they want to complain about something, let them know that you understand where they’re coming from and then ask more questions about what exactly went wrong so that you can fix it.

If the person on the other end of your website chat session feels like they have been heard and understood, they will be much more receptive when it comes out that you don’t actually have a solution (which happens sometimes). The important thing here is making sure someone doesn’t feel like their problem goes unnoticed – even if there isn’t anything obvious that could be done right away!

  1. Show you’ve heard what they are saying. 

When a customer is frustrated, it can be tempting to try and solve the problem on their behalf. However, if a customer feels you’re not listening or understanding them, this will only frustrate them. Showing empathy is important in winning back frustrated customers on your chat online site because if the conversation starts going off track, being empathetic can help bring it back on track again. 

Empathy is also important in showing that you understand how they feel. If a customer feels like no one understands them, it can lead to anger or resentment, resulting in a broken relationship between you and them. 

  1. Apologise that the customer is upset and explain how you plan to rectify the problem. 

If a customer is frustrated with your service, the best way to win them back is by apologising that they are upset and explaining how you plan to rectify the problem. Keep in mind that it’s important to be clear about what you will do and when, as well as give examples of how you will rectify their problem.

You should also ask if they are happy with your proposed solution so that everything runs smoothly between you two, and make sure that you check back in with them at an agreed time so that they know when to expect an update from your team. 

  1. Tell them how you will get back to them. Be specific about when.

You should tell them when you will get back to them with a solution and stick to it. If you’re delayed, then give an update as soon as possible. Make sure your commitment is specific enough to be easily understood by all parties involved as well. 

Being clear about why it’s legitimate for you to exceed our promised time frame (or even just the original deadline) is important too. For example, if you’ve had a major outage due to technical difficulties preventing you from responding quickly, or if there was some kind of emergency situation in your local area that meant some staff members couldn’t make it to work.

When you’ve spoken to the customer, you should take a moment to document the problem. This is particularly important if it’s something that has happened multiple times or has been raised previously. Be specific about what went wrong and why so that when you get back to them, they know exactly what they need to do in order to resolve their issue.

You should apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue and explain how you plan on resolving it. It’s also worth finding out what would have fixed their problem in the first place so that if something similar happens again in future, it will take less time for them to be satisfied with the resolution of their issue. 

You can then clearly state how long they will have to wait until this is resolved – it’s good practice not only because customers are more likely to respond well if they know there’s an end date but also because it gives your team more time/resources needed. 

If you want to win back a frustrated customer on your online chat web site, the first thing you need to do is listen. It is important that they feel heard and understood by you so that they are willing to work with you on their problem. 

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