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    7 Tips To Improve Your Websites Chat Efficiency And Increase Sales

    Image by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels

    Chat is the fastest and most direct way to talk with a customer. It’s also an incredibly powerful tool for increasing sales, but you have to do it right. There are many different ways to use chat, but we’ve found that some tactics work better than others. Here are seven tips for improving your websites chat efficiency and increasing sales:

    1. Clearly display your chat button.

    Make your chat button easy to find. Make sure that the chat button is clearly visible and stands out from other buttons on your website.

    The best way to do this is by using a colour that contrasts with the rest of your website’s colours, like blue or orange. Make sure it is obvious that this is a chat button and not just another part of the site’s design.

    Lastly, ensure visitors know what will happen when they press this button – i.e., they will be taken into a live conversation with a real person at your business. 

    2. Hire great people to love to talk. 

    Every website chat experience is unique, so it’s important to hire people who are good communicators, good listeners, and problem-solving experts. You want your chat agents to have the ability to connect with customers and build rapport with them by asking questions that allow them to feel comfortable while they’re on the site.

    Additionally, great website chat agents need a passion for helping others build relationships with their brand or product line. They should be able to listen closely and understand what clients are saying so they can provide better service in return. When hiring for this position, look for candidates who:

    • know how to communicate effectively with others;
    • have strong listening skills; and
    • are willing to go above and beyond when providing support on behalf of your company.

    3. Make it super easy for customers to start a conversation.

    If you want to boost your customer service and sales, make it super easy for customers to start a conversation. Make sure the chat button is visible on all pages, with no distractions, and in the same place on every page. Also, make sure it’s easy for visitors to find the button on mobile devices and tablets.

    Also, make sure the company logo is always visible on every page. This helps customers feel more connected to your brand and builds trust.

    Have a clear purpose for your website online chat tool. A well-designed livechat system should be able to answer common questions and handle basic customer service requests, but it should also have the ability to make sales or help with lead generation.

    4. Provide a great chat experience on any device at any time.

    Now that you’ve set up your chat integration, it’s time to ensure that your customers get the best experience possible. This means making sure your chat is available on every device, at any time, and in as many languages as possible.

    • Make sure visitors can access your live chat through desktop and mobile browsers. If a customer is trying to reach out for support and finds that they can’t use the feature because it isn’t loaded on their device, they may give up and move on to another website – and you don’t want this!
    • Ensure that live chat is accessible 24/7, so customers have access to it whenever they need assistance from an agent. It’s never good when someone has to wait for an answer since it makes them feel unvalued by the brand (and frustrated).
    • Provide language options for all of your agents in order to accommodate different cultures around the world where English might not be spoken as much as other languages like Spanish or French. This will allow more people who would otherwise not be able to use live chat solely based on their native tongue, thus increasing sales opportunities!

    5. Chat with visitors during the holidays and peak times of the day.

    It’s a good idea to chat with your customers during the busiest times of the day, especially if you can provide an extra level of service that makes them feel special. You can even offer discounts or perks for people through the chat function.

    For example, if you’re in retail and it’s the 24th of December, and your store is packed with customers looking for last-minute gifts – don’t be afraid to get on your computer or phone and chat with them directly. 

    6. Use your stats to determine when to staff up and down.

    If your chats are growing in volume and complexity, it may be time to bring on some more help. You’ll know this happens when you have many messages coming in at once or if the average response time is getting longer than expected. This can happen during peak times, such as holidays or big sales events.

    Conversely, if there aren’t enough customers chatting with you and responses are quick and easy to provide, consider scaling back staffing levels if possible.

    7. Focus on increasing the conversion rate, not the chat volume.

    While increasing the number of chats (or chat volume) is important, it’s less important than increasing your conversion rate. Conversion rates are the number of people who buy divided by the number of people who start a chat.

    A higher conversion rate means you’ll convert more visitors into customers. It also means that you’re spending less time chatting with customers who aren’t interested in buying anything from your website or app. These customers could be spamming your live agents or filling up their queue so they can get in touch with an agent when one is available rather than waiting for a response from someone else on their team or company account.

    We hope you’ve learned some helpful tips for improving your chat experience and increasing sales. But remember that all these tips will be for nothing if you don’t invest in the right live chat software solution. Choose a reliable provider that constantly upgrades its technology to offer you the best.

    At Greechat, we help businesses keep customers satisfied and prevent lost sales by offering consistent, real-time assistance via live chat.