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    Maximising Your Business With Customer Service Chat Software

    Customer service chat software is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and e-commerce marketplace owners. It comes as no surprise, as live chat software provides a convenient way to communicate with customers in real-time while also helping companies reduce costs associated with manually gathering sales analytics. 

    As such, if you’re an enterprising business owner, you’re most likely keen on knowing the ins and outs of live chat software for website pages. The good news is that this article will tell you more about how to choose the right customer service chat software for your needs. 

    We’ll also discuss why it’s important to invest in quality live chat tools and provide an overview of the different types of solutions available on the market today. So read on to learn more about how effective use of the best live chat technology can help you offer better experiences for your customers!

    What are the features of good customer service chat software?

    The best chat software should have features that make it easy to use, effective at resolving issues quickly, and able to integrate seamlessly into existing systems. For instance, you should consider the following:

    User interface 

    A good user interface should be easy to use for both customers and agents alike. This means having a simple website chat design that can be leveraged when a guest has any questions or needs assistance. At Greechat, not only do we have an intuitive user interface, but we also have chatbox customisability to match your business brand and reflect your company’s identity.


    Streamlining processes ensures that your customers get what they want immediately instead of scrolling through pages of FAQs. Rather than having your website visitors look for their own answers, Greechat can make it so that a website livechat box automatically appears when they’re scrolling. This way, the team you onboard from us can provide timely guidance and convert leads into sales efficiently. 


    Customer service chat software should easily integrate with other systems such as CRM platforms, databases, e-commerce stores etc., allowing companies to access relevant information quickly when needed during conversations with customers. 

    Having reporting and analytics capabilities built into live chat systems will also enable you to track key metrics such as response times and resolution rates, giving you insight into areas of improvement. 

    What’s great about Greechat is that you get all of the mentioned compatibility, and you can also use our chatting system with other customer chat tools like Google Analytics and InfusionSoft for maximisation.

    Are customer support chatbots good for business?

    Along with customer service chat software, chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in customer service, and for a good reason. They can provide quick answers to simple questions, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex tasks. 

    But when it comes to providing a complete customer experience, chatbots may not be the best option, especially when compared to live-chat for business solutions.

    For starters, they don’t always understand what customers are asking or how they’re feeling. Compared to a friendly customer agent, a chatbot facilitates conversations that often feel robotic because of their limited understanding of natural language processing (NLP). 

    As a result, customers may become frustrated with the lack of progress or personalisation in their interaction with the bot. This could lead them to abandon their query altogether and look elsewhere for help tailored to their situation – something no business wants!

    Additionally, having a livechat system with humans is much better for handling unexpected issues. If something goes wrong during an interaction with a chat agent, they can quickly adjust course without having to rely solely on pre-programmed scripts as chatbots do. This makes them much more effective problem solvers who can think outside the box in order to find solutions.

    With this, feel free to save yourself the time and effort of making your own in-house live chat solution. At Greechat, you won’t have to train, upskill, or individually hire team members as each average account comes with customer service chat software and a team with eight agents, two QAs, one supervisor, and one account manager – all of them already experts in customer service. 

    What are some reliable free chatbots software for small businesses?

    Small businesses often have limited resources or budgets, and as a result, many enterprising owners look for free chatbot software solutions that can help them provide better customer support without breaking the bank. Some free, reliable, and AI-based customer service chat examples would include those that stimulate conversations in real-time, run 24/7, and undergo routine maintenance or updates.

    The problem is that most free chatbot software solutions lack the attributes needed for effective customer service interactions. As mentioned, they may not be able to understand complex queries that relate to your customer’s unique situation. Furthermore, these services often may not offer enough flexibility, so you can’t tailor your bot’s responses according to your specific needs and preferences.

    A more reliable option for growing enterprises is a proactive business chat service like Greechat, which offers 24/7 support with the help of customer service chat software and experienced agents who understand how best to engage with customers online and drive sales from existing website traffic. 

    Our web chat software code takes only two minutes to implement on any website platform while our onboarding process takes just one week before our team of eight agents, two QAs, one supervisor, and one manager starts delivering results within thirty days. Plus, you can rest assured that his initial month is contract-free!

    Greechat provides an efficient and cost-effective customer service solution. We’re even dedicated to giving you customer service chat software that has ongoing optimisation. For this reason, your business can always remain competitive in your fast-paced and ever-changing industry. If you’re looking for live support chat software that caters to your business requirements, then look to us at Greechat, as we provide a fully managed live chat service. Join us today and be on your way to increasing your sales potential through lead generation as well as customer satisfaction!