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    How To Optimise A Live Chat Widget To Enhance User Experience

    Time to embrace it: live chat is an excellent way to enhance user experience on your website. It makes it easy for customers to ask questions and get answers immediately, providing more personal interaction with your brand than just a contact form. 

    But if you want live chat to be effective, you need to optimise it by ensuring the widget is accessible and easy to use. We’ve compiled some ways you can do just that in this blog. 

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    Have a clear purpose for the live chat

    The first step in creating a live chat widget is to define your purpose. Having a clear purpose for the chat will help you create a more engaging experience for your customers, which is vital for businesses that want to grow their online presence and customer base.

    The way you integrate live chat into website optimisation provides an additional channel between your business and those who visit your website. They can provide information about their needs and make purchases on the website or over social media platforms. 

    In addition to providing information about products or services, a live chat web app allows businesses to communicate directly with potential customers without having any barriers (such as phone calls or emails). 

    This allows businesses with eCommerce websites (i.e., Amazon) where there are many different products available at once time so customers can easily find what they want without having any difficulties finding what they need right away instead of waiting until later when someone else comes along offering similar services but with less quality than another company would offer.

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Define a clear purpose for the live chat to enhance customer engagement and create a more seamless interaction between your business and website visitors for an optimal online presence.

    Make sure live chat is quick and easy to access

    It can be frustrating for a user to find that your company does not have live chat for web pages when they have an urgent question or problem. If the live chat widget is challenging to find on your website, people will need to learn how to get in touch with you. 

    Make sure that the widget is visible and prominent on every page of your website so users can easily reach out and start a conversation.

    To ensure users know what they’re doing when they click on a live chat widget, give them clear instructions on how to initiate a conversation through the tool. This may include putting text like ‘Click here for help’ over the widget, so people know exactly where it will take them if they decide to interact with it.

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Place the live chat widget in a visible and prominent location on your website and provide clear instructions on how to initiate a conversation through it. This will make it quick and easy for users to access and improve their overall experience.

    Add a personal touch

    When utilising live chat for small business, enterprises, and more, you want to ensure that users know they’re talking to a real person – not a robot. To do this, your widget should include a name and image. Make it clear who is answering their question. This can be done by using a name and photo of the employee helping them out (or just their initials).

    Moreover, you should ensure a friendly tone. If you need to give bad news or deliver complex information, keep it short and sweet: ‘I’m sorry I can’t help you find that information right now. Let me look into it for you instead’.

    Don’t beat around the bush or offer excuses; just own up to whatever happened and tell them what’s going on!

    Most importantly, customers should see helpfulness and friendliness in you. Keep things positive! If possible, try giving customers shortcuts for addressing common issues themselves (i.e., ‘If this keeps happening, try changing these settings in your account’). 

    Try asking questions such as, ‘What product are we looking at?’ so that they’re not stuck explaining everything over again each time they reach out through live chat; most customers will appreciate being asked questions like this because they’ll feel less like they’re being interrogated by someone else who knows nothing about their situation.

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Make live chat personal by including the name and photo of the support agent, using a friendly tone, and showing helpfulness and friendliness. Ask questions to understand the customer’s needs and make the conversation more efficient.

    Do proper live chat training with operators on multiple chats at once

    Training is a vital part of the process. Ensure your operators are trained to be friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable on all aspects of your business and product offerings. This should not be something you only do once – it should be ongoing.

    Operators working on multiple chats at once will only enhance their ability to satisfy customers’ needs faster than if they were only focused on one conversation at a time.

    You can also have them trained about adding a personal touch to your live chat. This can also build customer trust by giving them the feeling that they’re speaking with an actual person instead of just another faceless bot or automated system. 

    You can accomplish this by customising the welcome message displayed when people visit your site; for example, asking someone how his day is going or mentioning something about the weather may make him feel more comfortable engaging with you over time since he feels like there’s some kind of personal connection between him and whoever helped him out during his first interaction with your company’s online support page.

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Proper training of live chat operators is crucial to provide excellent customer service. Ongoing training should be done to keep operators knowledgeable and friendly.

    Simplify the process for your customers and agents

    To give your users a great experience, it’s essential to keep things simple. This means that your team should focus on making the process easy for both customers and agents.

    A good live chat widget will allow customers to initiate contact with an agent right away so that they don’t need to go through multiple steps or pages to ask questions or make requests. 

    The same goes for agents: if they can quickly get up-to-date information about what’s happening with each customer, they’ll be able to provide excellent service without having any downtime between chats (which would just frustrate everyone).

    It’s also important for the live chat process itself to be fast and secure – for example, by using cookies or IP address tracking when someone logs into their account from another device (to avoid fraud). 

    Make sure that no sensitive data is stored in plain text anywhere on your site; this includes password reset emails sent out by the system, which could potentially be intercepted by hackers looking for user credentials!

    💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Simplify the live chat process for both customers and agents by making the widget easy to initiate contact, providing up-to-date information to agents, and ensuring the process is fast and secure by avoiding sensitive data storage and using appropriate tracking methods.

    All in all, it’s about optimising user experience

    Live chat is a great way to enhance user experience on your website. Live chat can answer questions, solve problems, or provide information. It can also be used as a sales tool by selling products or services live on the website.

    Moreover, it is an excellent way to engage with customers and get to know them better to build trust in your brand while collecting information about their preferences and interests. 

    You can use this information later when sending out emails in order to increase conversions by offering relevant products/services based on past purchases or behavioural data gathered from other sites (such as Facebook).

    Having a script of typical responses prepared for fast response times will help keep things running smoothly when it comes time for someone new to take over from another operator, so there will be no downtime during peak hours – especially if you’re working with multiple shifts at once!


    This blog article offers you insights and tips on how to optimise live chat to improve your customer experience and boost sales. 

    Greechat offers a fully managed live chat service consisting of agents, software, and a management team, delivering more sales so you can focus on what you do best.