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    3 Ways To Measure The Success of Website Chats: Key Metrics to Consider

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    The digital world has changed the way people do business. Websites are no longer static, but are now dynamic and interactive platforms that can be used to support your customer relationship management needs. If you want to use your website as a point of contact between you and your customers, you will need to implement a live chat system. 

    By doing this, you can engage with your prospects in real time and improve their experience on your website with chat. However, it is not always easy to know how successful these interactions really are! In this article we will discuss three ways by which you can measure the success of website chats:

    1. Sales

    This is the most obvious and easiest metric to track, but it’s also worth noting that there’s more to sales than just how many dollars you’re making from your chats. Keep in mind the following:

    • How do I measure sales? You can use your website or chat software’s built-in tools for this purpose. Alternatively, you can install a tool like Google Analytics and use its event tracking feature to see which web pages on your site leading up to a sale. It’s really beneficial to choose a live chat software that already offers analytics features for your convenience. 
    • How do I increase sales? The best way to increase sales is by establishing clear goals before starting any marketing campaign – and then constantly reassessing those goals as you go along. For example, if your goal was $10,000 in revenue by month six but now it looks like it’ll take another four months, maybe it’s time for some additional efforts like advertising or running promotions on social media platforms like Facebook Ads or Twitter Promoted Tweets.

    2. Increase In Web Traffic To Important Pages

    It’s also helpful to measure how much traffic your site is getting. If your website has a blog, then it’s easy to see how many people are reading each post and whether or not they’re sharing it on social media. 

    Check which pages are attracting the most attention. 

    Did you know that one of the best ways to measure your website chat‘s success is by looking at which pages were being accessed during each conversation? 

    If you see that a lot of customers are accessing your product or service page from within the chat, then this could mean that they were ready and waiting for someone to answer their question so that they can make a purchase.

    3. Total Number Of Supported Customers

    As you’re building your chatbot and pulling in users, it’s important to keep track of how many customers are actually using the chatbot. Otherwise, you may not be able to recognise trends or make improvements where they’re needed. To measure this metric:

    • Total number of supported customers: This is the number of people who have used your bot at least once in a given period (typically one month). If you have 100 active users with 10 sessions per day each over 30 days, then that’s 3,000 sessions during the time frame.
    • Number of new signups: The difference between this and your total number of supported customers is how many new users started using your bot since last month – for example, if there were 5 new signups out of 100 total supported customers last month, then there were 95 returning users from last month that continued using the service again this month as well. 

    You can calculate this by dividing your total number supported by two and adding any new signups since then. 

    There are hundreds of potential metrics that you can track as a result of hosting a website live chat on your business website – including sales, website traffic, and the total number of customers you’ve supported – and these numbers will all be useful in some way. But before you get too far down the rabbit hole of metrics tracking, it’s important to focus on gathering those numbers that tell you the most about how successful your chat was.

    If you’re not consistently measuring the success of your website chat, you’re leaving money on the table. In an age where customer service is just as important as product quality and price, it’s not enough to simply know the measures of successful website chats. You should use them to continually improve your customer service and other aspects of your business.

    When you understand how to measure success, you can assess what’s working and what isn’t, and use those insights to effectively manage your customers. Here are additional metrics to consider when tracking the success of your website chat:

    • Chat Volume. How many visitors are visiting your website? This can be an indicator of interest in your products or services, or it could reveal that people are having trouble finding what they want on your site. If engagement is high but traffic is low, you may be able to attract more visitors through SEO or social media. 

    If traffic is high but engagement is low, you might want to consider redesigning certain pages of your site or adding more content that answers frequently asked questions.

    • Average Time per Chat. Does the average person spend a long time on your website? Are they moving quickly from page to page? 

    if you’re looking for a live chat service, choose a provider that doesn’t just provide agents or software but a complete live chat solution that will help you drive conversions and boost sales.

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