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    Should You Use Virtual Chat Agents to Expand Your Business?

    Virtual chat agents may be the height of interactive programming, but it cannot beat the experience of chatting with a genuine person. A chat agent is only as good as its database and its ability to interpret inputs. It can’t be proactive, it can’t have a memory of your previous interactions, and it definitely cannot have empathy for your situation.

    So why do some companies insist on using them?

    More often than not, it is to cut costs. But there are alternative ways to help businesses save on expenses without sacrificing customer service—for example, by hiring more agents or by relying on algorithms instead of agents. The tools that customer service software offers are sophisticated enough that a company can rely on them without their customers noticing a difference if they’re used well.

    It isn’t just about cost-effectiveness, though; businesses should also consider their customers’ experience. There are plenty of situations where customers need more than just the facts—they need someone who has seen their situation before and who can empathise with their problem in order to resolve it effectively. 

    They need an agent who will act as a liaison between them and another department to ensure that they get timely answers and solutions to whatever issues they may have.

    Are you proactive or reactive?

    When it comes to your website, are you reactive or proactive? If you’re reactive, that means you wait for a visitor to come to your site and then try to get their information using the tools at hand. That’s what most businesses do – they wait for people to visit their site (often with a coupon in hopes of drawing them in), hoping they won’t be turned off by the cost of doing business with them.

    A proactive strategy, on the other hand, is one that involves building relationships with your customers before they even know what you have to offer. 

    It requires starting conversations before someone lands on your site, getting their contact information while they’re still on social media and tailoring your messages specifically to each person based on the information you’ve gathered about them – all while making the whole thing look like a natural progression of the conversation you started earlier.

    Greeting customers as they arrive on your site is how one company increased their engagement rates. All they did was create an automated welcome message on their website that welcomes visitors and encourages them to tweet a link back to their friends. 

    By being proactive in reaching out to potential customers when they land on your site, you can build a relationship with them even if all the other options available

    Are you providing customer support 24/7?

    With a 24/7 call centre, you can provide your customers with the best sales support all year round. You’ll be able to handle peak calls and support your customers when they need it most, such as during the holiday season. 

    An all-day, all-night call centre is a great way to provide greater customer service without stressing your staff or breaking the bank. Call centres are efficient methods of communication that provide a cost-effective solution for all types of businesses, and you can use them to enhance the service you offer. 

    Just make sure that they’re delivered in a way that makes sense for your business objectives.

    Are you ensuring positive customer reviews?

    When your customers interact with your website, you have the opportunity to learn how they’re feeling about what they’re seeing. Are they clicking through? Is there a high bounce rate? Do they spend more time on certain pages than others? How is everyone’s experience with your chatbot?

    We can help you understand how your customers are responding to any and all elements of your website, from the design to the copy to the information architecture. We can provide actionable insights into how your audience feels about any given element, which can give you an edge in marketing over competitors who don’t take their user experience seriously. 

    Whether you want to know about individual sections of your site or about the whole thing in general, we have a lot of experience with it and can offer you valuable information for your marketing plan.

    If you’re like most people, you’ve been on the receiving end of a frustrating customer service experience.
    A robot voice on the other end of the phone. A call centre in another country. Nobody wants to be left frustrated when all they need to do is talk to a chat agent who can actually help them out.

    This is where Greechat comes in.

    We live in a day and age where websites are the best place to make money, whether you’re an established brand or a startup. The problem is that most websites leave their visitors alone and don’t proactively engage them in real-time. 

    This is why so many businesses see their conversion rates plummet once they launch their site. It’s time to start engaging your website visitors to make more money with your website, and Greechat is here to help.

    At Greechat, we offer live chat for your website designed specifically for online businesses that work on every platform and device out there. Our software comes with a team of experts who help us deliver one of our most important features: agents. 

    Our agents are trained professionals who know how to interact with customers in a way that builds trust and increases conversions. We believe our proactive approach is the key to success for any business – contact us for a free demo today!