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    Setting Up Your Live Chat: How Real Chat Agents Can Help You

    Image by Headway from Unsplash

    We all know that live chat is a great tool to help your customers. But did you actually know how important it is to employ an actual person behind the computer to answer customer questions? Having a live chat agent can help grow your business and keep your customers satisfied while they are on your site or app. 

    Learning about the visitors coming to your site is valuable information for a business

    Knowing this information is valuable for your business because you can use it to personalise their responses or tailor their assistance based on the visitor’s needs. For example, if a customer is visiting your site for the first time and has questions about how to use your product or service, the live chat agent could ask them why they’re there and what they hope to achieve from using your product.

    The data you collect can also be used to improve your website or app over time – for instance, if customers are coming from search engine results but not converting into customers once they’re on the site (or app), then you can make changes that will increase engagement with these visitors.

    Customers using your site appreciate immediate answers to their questions

    Live chat can help you reduce the bounce rate of potential customers, who are often more interested in knowing what they can expect after their purchase than they are in filling out contact forms and waiting for a human response.

    Live chat can also increase your conversion rate – the percentage of visitors who actually go on to make a purchase or take some other action. This is because live chat agents are trained to answer questions quickly and succinctly (so as not to lose the customer’s attention) and to close sales with confidence.

    Live chat increases customer satisfaction by giving them an immediate answer, which doesn’t leave them wondering if anyone has seen their question or will get back to them at any point in the future. This makes it much easier for business owners since you won’t have to deal with customers were upset because no one was able to help them right away. 

    In fact, many people are willing to pay extra for products or services that provide live support directly from an agent rather than chatbots that only give generalised answers.

    Finally, live chat also helps convert more visitors into paying customers by increasing sales conversions – the percentage of total interactions that result in sales or other actions taken by users (like signing up for newsletters).

    In order to be successful, live chat agents need strong product knowledge

    The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your live chat agents have the knowledge they need to be successful. With this, it’s important for them to know your products and services inside and out, as well as what makes your options different from competitors’ offerings. 

    The more knowledgeable they are about your products and services, the better equipped they will be to answer customer questions and help them find what they’re looking for.

    In addition to product knowledge being essential for helping customers get what they need, it also helps create more opportunities. When talking to a customer through the business chat service, an agent can share information about a new product or service to increase sales and improve overall customer satisfaction levels.

    Live chat agents should be able to get what the customer needs and react quickly

    Customers shouldn’t have to wait for an answer when they ask a question. They should be able to bring up concerns and have them quickly addressed by your team. The same goes for repeating yourself: if the agent on the other end doesn’t hear or understand what the customer wants, they would most likely feel bad about repeating it again.

    It also goes without saying that your live chat agent team should be able to do all of this 24/7 or on a schedule that works with your business. That’s why you should take into consideration all-day or flexible offers, which include advanced software and a trainable team that’s already knowledgeable in customer service.

    Live chat agents should already understand the ins and outs of your company’s existing systems

    The best live chat agents will already know your company’s systems and how they work. They should be able to answer any kind of question that you may have, and they should do it quickly. If an agent has been prepped beforehand, he or she should also be able to handle complaints or issues that come up during live chats. 

    Ultimately, you need a set of live chat agents who can figure out what’s going on without having to ask for help from another employee – in other words, someone with an expert skillset. It’s also important to note that every industry has varying requirements, so having a system that can cater to your specific business type would be of incredible help. 

    Your live chat team should understand how important the customers are to you and your business

    Your customers are the reason you have a business in the first place, and they’re why you can pay your employees and business bills. Understanding this concept is incredibly important, which is why you should take into account the following list of things that live chat agents need to know about their job.

    Your live chat team needs to be able to empathise with your customers, who may be frustrated or concerned by whatever issue has brought them into contact with your live chat. Strategies for dealing with these frustrations include:

    • Empathising with the customer’s frustration over having an issue in their account or not getting what they expect from your product or service;
    • Dealing with angry customers calmly and courteously;
    • Refraining from aggressive behaviour when dealing with unruly clients, even if these clients aren’t treating you well; and
    • Acting as a buffer between angry clients and other members of your company who might get upset by some of these interactions.

    Having a knowledgeable live chat agent can help grow your business and keep your customers satisfied while they are on your site or app

    As a business owner, you want to make sure that your customers are happy and satisfied. You can do this by showing them that they matter and will get a response from you.

    A live chat support agent team and software are a perfect combination to accomplish this task. This is because live chat agents are trained in customer service and have the ability to listen while answering questions, solving problems and making purchases on behalf of your customers.

    We hope this post has given you some insight into the world of live chat agents. It’s exciting to think about how technology is changing the way we do business and the opportunities it brings for enterprises looking to grow.