A LivePerson Live Chat Software Review

Live chat software is an efficient way for online companies to provide the kind of customer service that encourages repeat customers and referrals. 

The LivePerson live chat tool, for example, includes features like the ability to collect feedback from users, track visitor behaviour, and create user accounts with detailed information about their preferences. Its interface is easy to use and offers a range of customization options.

In addition to its ease of use, LivePerson also offers a suite of tools that can help businesses streamline many aspects of their business operations – including sales – and can even act as a virtual assistant for your staff. 

Why is live chat so important?

Live chat software can keep customers engaged and coming back for more. When a customer is visiting your site, they expect reliable product info. By proactively approaching them, you remove their need to search for this information by reminding them of the products and services you can offer. A live chat agent can answer questions, search for products or point them in the direction of the right page without wasting time.

This approach gives you an instant gateway into your customer’s needs, which is done easily through live chat. Letting them know that there’s a real person on live chat waiting to help them get to the right page or find their preferred product will move your customers through your content faster and more efficiently. 

It will also give your business invaluable insights into how your website works for your customers and the strengths you can capitalise on to lower costs and improve sales.

The advantages of taking on live chat providers are endless. You can provide a service 24/7, improve your customer’s experience, reduce the number of abandoned carts and increase your conversion rate. Live chat is all about bringing your website to life in order to engage with your customers to encourage them to make a purchase, register for an event or subscribe to your newsletter.

With such an array of benefits, it’s understandable why so many live chat software providers have chosen to focus on marketing the concept as a revenue generator through sales leads and increased conversions rather than as a customer service tool.

LivePerson provides us with all the tools we need to do just that as they offer great tools like integration capabilities with social media and Salesforce, but you still need dedicated agents to call up your customer’s history and to know how to provide the service your customers need to convert.

The reality is that you can’t expect to save money by using live chat when you’re also dedicating much of your manpower to managing the live chat software. 

In that case, what should you do?

Take a look at Greechat.

Greechat is a complete solution for managing an effective live chat operation on your website to boost sales revenue and leads. We do this by offering live chat software, live chat support, and live chat training—all at affordable prices. Our software is built to be both efficient and easy to use, allowing you to focus more on actually helping your customers.

Our goal is to provide every customer with the support they need in order for their business to succeed. Greechat is a company built by experts who understand what it takes for businesses like yours to thrive online. If you’re ready for a website that converts better, check out our site today!

When a client or a potential client starts a Live Chat session, our agents are instantly connected to your computer or device and ready to provide assistance.

Greechat is available 24/7, so there’s no need for your customers to wait until business hours or even weekends to get their problems solved. And if they’d prefer not to wait while an agent chats with other customers, they can schedule a call-back time that’s convenient for them.

If a customer is having trouble finding the right information on your company website, it’s likely that they’ll give up and go to your competitor. Your marketing team will be left with missed opportunities, and your sales team with unfulfilled leads.

After you put so much effort into acquiring new customers, why would you let them leave without finding what they need?

One of the best things about Greechat is that we assign at least 8 dedicated sales professionals to a website live chat operation. These agents work under two management layers which scan daily for quality assurance and optimisation, maintaining strict service standards. By using this team-based approach, you will receive an efficient and personalised service using live chat software.

When it comes to your business’s web presence, you need a partner that can help you strategically maintain a strong and efficient interface. We have the tools and resources to do that while also keeping your customers happy.

A completely independent operation, our live chat software at Greechat delivers those tools and resources at no cost to you without stretching or hiring internal resources. You still reap the benefits and advantages of our services without having to pay for them – all we ask is that you provide us with a small commission whenever one of your customers purchases something after speaking with one of our representatives over the phone or through an online channel.