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    4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Live Chat

    Running a business without a fully managed live chat can be frustrating, especially when it leaves your customer with unanswered questions and no way to get an answer. A live chat, on the other hand, can provide you with immediate responses to the customers’ questions and concerns, assuring that they feel fully informed.

    Don’t leave your website visitors frustrated with unanswered questions. Add in a live chat widget today to give your customers something to immediately engage with and help improve your web presence.

    So what exactly is the benefit of live chat?

    1. Live chat drives conversions

    Live chat can be used in many different ways, including driving conversions.

    Whether you’re trying to sell more products or services, or just get more website visitors to sign up for your newsletter, a fully managed live chat will help you do it. In fact, according to a study by Forrester Research, ‘customers who used live chat were more likely than those who didn’t use live chat to purchase goods from the same retailer within two weeks of their initial contact.’

    Live chat allows customers to interact with your team members without having to wait on hold or email back and forth with customer service reps. It gives them direct access to answers about products or services without having to resort to using Google search results or other sources of information (which may not always be accurate).

    2. Live chat is easy to set up and manage

    A fully managed live chat service doesn’t require any special tech skills or extensive training — all you need are a few minutes, and there’s no hassle of setting up a new system or hiring developers to make something from scratch.

    Most importantly, there’s no need for any additional infrastructure investments or expensive upgrades that other companies might require. A fully managed live chat service will handle all of the infrastructural work, such as hosting your chat widget, keeping the technology up-to-date, and troubleshooting any glitches.

    To wit, Greechat’s fully managed live chat services also keep everything simple: when you’re logged in, all you see is your chat window and your visitor’s avatar — no ads, no buttons to click. All you need to do is let us know if there is anything that you need help with.

    3. Live chat expands your market reach

    By offering a live chat tool, you’re expanding your market reach in three distinct ways.

    First, you’re reaching out to people who speak different languages. When a customer from another country visits your site, they may not be able to read the language on your website. Live chat services nowadays can include auto-translation software or agents who can communicate with customers in their parent or preferred language.

    This not only opens up more markets for you; it also makes your customers feel more at ease because they don’t have to worry about a language barrier causing misunderstandings regarding their enquiries.

    Live chat is also a great way to reach out to those who are in different time zones, who may be visiting your online store outside of regular business hours in your base of operations.

    To that end, Greechat’s fully managed live chat services are available across several operating systems including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We also include a seamless online customer experience for your website visitors in much the same way a shop assistant facilitates transactions at a physical outlet. Unlike physical stores, we optimise engagement every single day by analysing chat transcripts and our sales staff is available 24/7, which is also critical for quality assurance purposes.

    4. Live chat optimises your customer service delivery

    We know that business owners are always looking for any edge they can get, whether it’s better products, services, or technology. But sometimes the easiest things are the most powerful. A fully managed live chat is a great example of just that.

    Live chat reduces customer service costs by cutting down on phone calls and emails, which means less pressure on staff and less stress for customers who want their questions answered quickly.

    Live chat has also been shown to increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and retention rates as well. Customers feel more comfortable talking directly with a real person, which a fully managed live chat provides them. Having a real person to talk to makes customers feel more comfortable and makes them more likely to engage with your business again.

    There’s a lot you can do to craft your site so that customers are fulfilled by a smooth experience on every level of your site. With 24/7 live chat, you get a managed service that helps boost the attractiveness of your product or service and makes for happier customers who will return in the future.

    Greechat takes care of all this for you so your sales team can focus on what they do best – talking to customers and selling your product. Our teams are experts in live chat and executing features according to your business needs for our fully managed live chat service. All our features work together seamlessly helping you get more conversions so you can improve your business.

    Chatting with your customers is a great way to build a personal relationship. It’s also a good way to turn them into return visitors: once you’re able to offer them a good experience, they’re more likely to come back to you again in the future. If your business is an online store, then contacting each of your customers one-on-one can be an effective and affordable way to turn browsers into buyers.

    Talk to a Greechat live chat service expert today.