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    Top Live Chats

    Spending some time to do some research about the top live chats only means one thing: you’re an enterprising mind who wants to take your website to the next level. Know that this is an incredibly valiant effort that sets you apart from the rest, and it should be commended, as not all business owners would go out of their way to give their customers the support that they deserve. 

    However, even with your extreme determination and passion, there’s still one roadblock that could stop you from reaching your goals. With just one quick search online, you’d begin to see that there are heaps and heaps of live chat service providers out there for you to choose from. How, then, are you supposed to make a final decision when there are thousands claiming that they’re part of the top live chats?

    Instead of focusing on finding the best live chat for website pages, you should be concerned about getting the functionality you actually need. That’s where we at Greechat come into play! With us, you won’t have to search for terms like ‘best live chat apps free’ any longer. 

    Talk to us about our solutions and allow us to provide you with custom and fully managed live chat solutions that meet your requirements. 

    How does paid chat software compare with a free one?

    Since you’re someone who was thinking about the top live chat software options, then you’ve most likely thought about comparing paid offers with their free counterparts. If that’s the case, you should keep in mind that most live chat software which requires an upfront payment would be more reliable than unpaid or free-trial versions. 

    As a matter of fact, even the top free live chat software choices would likely have fewer features than a paid one. It also may not be as well-tested and, therefore, would tend to cause technical problems or not work as well with other web chat tools you want to use. Plus, if the top live chat companies offering the free version go under, there’s no telling when or if you’ll ever be able to get data access again.

    This isn’t to say that all unpaid chat programs are bad; many of the free top live chats are quite good! But if you’re looking for an offer that’s tried and tested, as well as something that has all of the essential features you need out of a live chat outsourcing program, then the payment will definitely be worth it in the long run.

    With this, you should consider us at Greechat as your go-to live chat provider since we not only have features specific to your business industry (real estate, automotive, medical, education, legal, etc.), but we’ll also provide you with convenience like no other with our short two-minute code implementation.

    What are the important features of good customer support software?

    Functionality is what makes or breaks the top live chats, but with the abundance of features available, it can be difficult to narrow down the non-negotiable ones. To make everything much simpler for you, take into account customisability, statistics, and compatibility as the three essential features needed for website chat software. 

    • Customisability. No one wants to put up with a generic appearance when it comes to live chat on website, and that’s why the top live chat services would provide customisability like no other. At Greechat, we can better showcase your business by making adjustments to aspects like your chatbox and aligning it with your overall brand theme. 
    • Statistics. At the heart and core of live chat online are the statistics gathered. As such, we at Greechat pride ourselves on having software that can record and analyse chat agent interactions so you can better fine-tune your operations. 
    • Compatibility. Lastly, there are tons of accessory live chat tools for customer support, and it would be an absolute waste if you can’t leverage them. For this reason, we at Greechat have ensured that we have compatibility with other tools like Google Analytics, InfusionSoft, and just about any CRM system.

    Having mentioned the points that characterise the top live chats, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Greechat for a live chatting system that has all the essentials and even boasts 24/7 support!

    How often does a live chat app software need to be updated?

    As someone who’s part of the business administration team, you’d know that one of the most difficult parts of running an enterprise is finding ways to keep up or overtake competitors. The top live-chat for business providers understand this, which is why they offer software updates often, sometimes annually or bi-annually. 

    Here at Greechat, you’d be pleased to know that we keep our entire business chat service up-to-date so that you can develop and grow with the changing tides of the e-commerce market space. You can rest assured that we’ll always have ongoing optimisation and that we take advantage of our digital marketing DNA to make our live chat online more effective. 

    On top of this, we also perform monthly maintenance, which only takes around thirty minutes. This will ensure that all the processes are running smoothly for the benefit of your enterprise and beloved customer base. 

    So what are you waiting for? End your search for the top live chats and opt to get a fully managed service at Greechat. It only takes two minutes to implement our code, a week to onboard our agents and a month to start showing ROI.

    Partner with us today!