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    Do you have a chatting system established for your online business? If the answer is no, why not?

    This isn’t us being nosy. Many businesses today utilise some form of live chat software or platform to provide round-the-clock customer support, such as the ones we provide here at Greechat. These same tools or software are used as additional sales and communication channels for their clients or customers. You can even use this technology regardless of the operational size of your company or store.

    The live website chat method of communication brings many advantages, such as a higher conversion rate, better customer satisfaction, and quicker resolutions to any end-user concerns or issues that might arise.

    But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a closer look at what live chat is, how it works, and what its benefits can be for you and your bottom line.

    How does a chatting system work?

    In the context of business-oriented software, a live chatting system is a chat-based communication tool that connects an end-user, typically a website customer or registered service user, to your live agent, customer support database, or team.

    The difference between live chat and other types of customer relationship management (CRM) tools is that through website livechat, the support team can respond immediately to the customer’s questions in real-time while they are online. 

    A live chatting system can also be used to run automated messages as soon as an online visitor arrives on the website or automatically redirect to certain pages or services on the website when site visitors interact with the live chat tool or widget.

    Generally speaking, a live chat app or web app is either embedded into a website’s code so that it stays on screen no matter what page a site visitor is viewing or accessed directly by typing in a specific URL or clicking a button or link. 

    There are some common chatting system features across many providers, such as 24/7 live chat support, automatic or canned responses (which can be tailored to answer FAQs immediately), and support ticket creation or updating. Some livechat services like Greechat can also integrate analytics or engagement tracking services to gain more insight into customer shopping behaviours.

    What are the advantages of having a chat system for business?

    In online marketing, conversions are when a website visitor completes your desired action, such as completing a sale, signing up or subscribing to a service, or any other similar action. This is why conversion rates are so important for businesses – metrics like CCRs (cart-to-checkout conversion rates) are a strong indicator of whether or not a business is successfully reaching its goals.

    With that in mind, businesses are always on the lookout for advantages that will help improve conversion rates. A live chatting system can help your business achieve this in some key ways.

    Enhance trust by clarifying customer questions

    For new customers in particular, getting answers to their questions about a product, service, or brand goes a long way towards fostering trust. 

    By directly addressing your website visitors’ enquiries in real-time, a live chat agent can build rapport with visitors and convert them into customers. When website visitors can speak with a real person and receive the answers they’re looking for, a business’s conversion rates increase as a result.

    Identify customer needs and provide actionable solutions

    After-sales customer service is just as important as converting leads into sales. When a customer gets in touch with customer support, it’s because they want to either keep your product or service or because they feel they can trust your brand to have their best interests at heart. A reliable chatting system rewards this trust and encourages customer retention.

    Provide support throughout the customer’s website experience

    Customers want to feel that they’re appreciated. Whether or not a customer is just looking around, it’s best to leave a good impression behind. Having 24/7 livechat system support shows your potential customers that you value their time and want to help them find what they’re looking for on your website. 

    Address customers’ concerns to prevent shopping cart abandonment

    In marketing, there are no guaranteed sales until you print the proverbial receipt – and even then, you could still potentially lose a client if they can’t get the support they need to find what they’re looking for from your business. These clients are already on your website for a reason; with a chatting system, you can narrow down their search into a successful conversion much more effectively.

    Offer personalised offers to nudge visitors to make a purchase or upsell

    Sometimes customers aren’t sure about what they want – and that’s perfectly fine. 

    With a chatting system, you can use conversations with customers as an opportunity to lead them toward conversion goals, like taking part in a clearance sale or signing up for a monthly supply catalogue. Live-chat solutions can even suggest or offer products related to what’s already in their cart if they’ve been shopping around for a while. 

    Greechat provides a fully managed service that allows you to make these offers through your live chatting system, a method of marketing that has shown great success.

    Are chatting systems expensive?

    The cost of chatting systems depends on their size and complexity. Chatting systems may seem expensive from the outset, especially when you compare them to the complex systems in place at mega-corporations. However, that’s not to say it isn’t beneficial for such businesses. There are even multiple options for scalable live chat systems, such as what you can find here at Greechat.

    To wit, Greechat’s live chatting systems help you target specific marketing demographics with personalised offers, messages, or general customer support through a combination of expertly trained live agents, powerful software, and a marketing-based perspective that focuses on your ROI and marketing goals.

    It’s not only about knowing who your customers are; it’s also about knowing why they’re on your website and what they’re looking for. There’s no better way to understand your customer base than by speaking with them directly, and live chatting systems help you reach this understanding.

    With Greechat’s fully managed business chat service, you can do all that and more. Not only are we efficient, but our services are also scalable to the size of your business, and it takes as little as two minutes to implement our code on your website.

    As one of the largest and most established providers of live chatting system services, Greechat’s team of agents across various industries will provide our best live chat for your needs and help you reach your business goals with less hassle for you.

    Reach the next level of business success with us and ask about our service plans today.