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    Effective Live Chat Tips for a Successful Online Business

    For any business, it is important to be accessible to your clients. You would not want to lose potential clients simply because they have questions and no one is available to answer them. This is where live chat and chatbot options come in. These are simple features that can make a huge difference in sales. 

    Greechat gives your business services like a live chat tool needed to interact with customers in real-time through texts, while a chatbot is a software application that utilises artificial intelligence to interact with clients.

    But then you have to figure out which of the two is best suited for your business model. Below are a few criteria you can use to determine which is best for your business or brand.

    Brand credibility

    The world of business today demands credibility. You need your customers to feel confident that your products and services are of the highest quality, and you want them to feel comfortable providing you with their personal information. That’s why customer service is so important – answering questions, addressing concerns, and making sure every customer is treated equally.

    The use of a customer service chatbot is certainly useful, but it won’t be as reassuring as dealing with complex issues or providing personalized care that makes you stand out from the competition. With Greechat’s live chat tool, on the other hand, you can provide your customers with what they want: the chance to talk to someone who can help them along the way.

    Versatility and adaptability

    In the past, companies that wanted to offer customer service via chat would implement a chatbot. The idea was that these chatbots were capable of handling many of the customer questions that were asked and could alleviate some of the human operational costs. While this is true, there are some disadvantages to relying solely on a chatbot, such as impersonal delivery or lack of in-depth knowledge about the product.

    Live chat software, meanwhile, can help or improve your business’s customer service. All this is made possible by having an actual person behind the desk ready to answer any questions that come up, who can answer questions intuitively and sensitively.

    Time-saving solutions

    Brands use AI-powered chatbots to provide an initial automated response and then hand the issue off to a live customer service representative if the issue is more complicated. The method is effective for saving time and money, but it has its drawbacks as well.

    A live chat tool is another way to get customer support. This allows your mainframe to handle most customer issues. Customer service can then focus on the harder queries and provide answers faster.

    More to the point, chatbot technology cannot answer all customer queries personably, which means customers might be required to browse through several pages before finding the answer they need. Greechat’s live chat tool cuts through that process by providing your customers with intuitive support from your CRM team to better understand what they need and provide a direct solution. This significantly reduces search time and inversely improves customer satisfaction.

    Round-the-clock availability

    24/7 availability is a key factor for customer satisfaction and loyalty. In most cases, however, it is difficult to have customer support staff working on a 24-hour basis, and that makes chatbots the ideal solution.

    A chatbot application can respond to customer queries on a 24/7 basis. While it works well for supporting existing customers with simple queries, it may not be ideal for lead generation or increasing revenue. Companies who are looking for more lead opportunities beat this hurdle by outsourcing the live chat tool services to fully managed organisations specialised in offering 24/7 support.

    Many companies fix this problem by outsourcing their live chat services to fully managed organizations that provide 24/7 support. These solutions offer consistent responses from real people and allow businesses to reap the benefits of round-the-clock customer service without having to hire extra staff members.

    Troubleshooting issues

    When it comes to troubleshooting, live chat tool support backed by humans has an advantage over bots.

    While chatbots may be able to answer certain general queries, matters can get a bit complicated when it comes to troubleshooting problems unique to individual customers. Some clients are not able to follow instructions provided by a chatbot and may require a little more help, for example, or have accessibility issues that require sensitivity training.

    Greechat’s highly trained agents can provide customer support by sharing documents and screenshots and providing a personalised walkthrough of various processes. This makes troubleshooting much easier when compared to chatbot troubleshooting, which is programmed to only preprogrammed general queries.

    Marketing software development and cost

    Chatbots are relatively inexpensive compared to hiring a full-time support staff or deploying live chat widgets. However, because chatbots are computer programs, it takes time and money to develop them.

    You also need to ensure that you’re getting value from the customer information you collect — and make sure that your chatbot is up-to-date with the latest changes to your product. On the other hand, live support costs more upfront because it gives customers a human perspective and understanding of customer concerns and can help generate more leads and conversions for your business.

    Live chat or chatbot: which one to choose

    Ultimately, it boils down to choosing what works best for your company’s budget and needs and whether chatbots or live support is the right fit for you. In either case, you’ll be able to provide better customer service than would be possible without automating some of your customer service operations.

    But it takes more than an automated response to create a positive impression on customers – and it’s why your business can do well with a Greechat live chat tool.

    Greechat is a leading provider of live chat software with 24/7 support. The engagement platform features pre-built chatbot templates for a wide range of business verticals; these bots can be customised with additional functions and integrations based on the company’s requirements. With live chat software, businesses can engage with customers in real-time and generate valuable leads by collecting relevant information and providing efficient customer service.

    If you have an interest in getting more leads through Greechat, we can set up a quote for your website. 

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