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    Go Live Chat: Unlocking The Benefits Of A Fully Managed Service

    If you go live chat with your website visitors, then you can potentially boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction. With this, it comes as no surprise that many businesses are now making the switch from traditional methods of communication, such as phone or email support, to a fully managed live chatting system.

    Customer service in the form of live chat support offers a more efficient way for customers to get help in real-time while providing owners with detailed analytics on how their service teams are performing. However, before you decide whether or not adding live chat software is right for your business, there are several factors you should consider, including ease of maintenance and website browsing speed. 

    In this article, we’ll discuss these topics so that you can be informed and make the best choice for your specific business needs.

    Are live chat apps easy to maintain?

    Live chat apps are becoming increasingly popular as a way to provide customer service and increase sales. What’s more, you’d be pleased to know that this type of technology is relatively easy to maintain when you go live. As a matter of fact, we at Greechat provide live website chat options that include thirty-minute monthly maintenance and ongoing optimisation so your business can remain competitive.

    Aside from this, if you leverage our offers and connect with your customer base, you can look forward to even more benefits. In order to give you a better idea, a go live chat app or software can help you engage with website visitors immediately, build relationships, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales conversions through personal assistance. 

    What’s more, when you employ live web chats through our team at Greechat (an average account comprised of eight agents, two QAs, one supervisor, and one account manager), a quick response can be given to cover customer inquiries – all without having to make them wait on hold or send emails back and forth. 

    Ultimately, our business chat service helps create a better experience for your customers, which can lead to more repeat purchases down the line.

    Can adding live chat software slow down my website?

    When you decide to go live chat with your customers, one of the biggest concerns is whether or not it will slow down your site. After all, no business wants their customers waiting for pages to load due to a lag in performance. Fortunately, with the right live chat software technology and implementation, such as what we boast at Greechat, this doesn’t have to be an issue.

    Live chat software is designed with speed and efficiency in mind. The best solutions use lightweight code that won’t bog down your website’s loading times or interfere with other features on the page. That’s why you should consider a website optimised for fast loading speeds and minimal resource usage, so you can get up and running quickly without any sacrifices. 

    Implementing online chat

    Proper implementation of live chat software is key when it comes to ensuring optimal performance on your website. The good news is that we at Greechat can take care of everything for you, from our two-minute code installation all the way to comprehensive one-hour configuration.

    Testing your website’s performance after adding live chat for business enquiries

    When you add the business chat software to your website and go live chat, make sure to test its performance before fully committing. 

    With us at Greechat, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can get a return on investment (ROI) just after a contract-free period of thirty days. Our livechat system can give you the analytics from this time frame, and you can use this information to make guided business decisions.

    Partner with us at Greechat to secure a fully managed live chat for your website!

    What should I consider before getting live chat support for my website?

    In the realm of customer service, live chat is one of the most popular options for businesses. When you go live chat with your website visitors, questions are answered quickly and easily. However, there are a few things you should consider before getting live chat support for your website, including your future goals, message scheduling, agent availability, and more.

    Before adding a live website chat solution, consider what type of customer service you want to provide with it. If you choose Greechat, you’ll have all the control as you can simply allow us to train our agents based on your brand guide and other technical material you’d like to share.

    Next, do you want agents responding in real-time, or would scheduled responses work better for your business? We recommend having our team reply immediately, but if necessary for specific seasons and clients, we can also work around your unique requirements. 

    Lastly, think about how often agents need to be available. 24/7 live chat coverage is optimal as not everyone scrolls through your website during your regular business hours. However, if you have off seasons, you can ask us at Greechat to go live chat with your customers on certain days only. 

    Choosing the right live chat outsourcing company is essential to ensure that your website visitors get a positive experience. With Greechat, you can be sure that your customers are taken care of with our fully managed service, and you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about self-maintenance or compromising the performance of your website. 

    When you sign up, you can expect unwavering support from experienced agents who are dedicated to helping you reach more leads with less effort. So if you’re looking for an easy way to go live chat with your website visitors, look no further than Greechat!