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    Image by NordWood Themes from Unsplash

    As a business owner, you know that providing good customer service is critical to your success. You’ve got to keep customers happy and coming back for more if you’re going to be successful. But even though you might have the best intentions in mind, it can still be hard to reach out and interact with every single customer directly. 

    That’s why live chatting software is such an incredible tool; it allows businesses to reach out and connect with customers in order to provide better service, increase sales conversion rates and improve productivity.

    1. Live chat is mobile

    The best thing about live chat is that it’s available on any device, so you can receive help from your customers wherever they are. If a customer has questions or issues about an order, they can get in touch with you immediately and get the answers they need. 

    Live chat also allows you to take care of any issues a customer may have before placing an order so that when they do make their purchase, there won’t be any questions left unanswered.

    2. Live chat is a money-saver for your business

    Live chat software is relatively inexpensive, easy to set up and maintain, and can be used by multiple people at the same time.

    To get a deeper grasp on the matter, you should know that it can be incredibly expensive to hire and personally train a customer service team. To help you avoid the pitfalls of such a route, you should look for a service that can provide an expert team that has already been trained according to the fundamentals of customer service.

    3. Customers actually prefer live chat 

    A live chatting system is a preferred channel for customer service as it is an effective way of communicating with the company, and customers can get their questions answered immediately.

    Customers like being able to talk to someone in real time about their issues rather than waiting for responses via email or other online forms. In addition, customers are much more likely to remain engaged if they’re speaking with real people (as opposed to a bot).

    4. Live chat allows you to provide a better customer service experience

    Live chat can be used as a customer service tool for your business. Chatting with customers as they browse your website is more efficient than traditional means, so you’ll save time and effort. 

    You can provide answers to questions before they ask them, which means less time spent on customer service and more time spent on other business matters. Live chat also allows you to provide a better shopping experience by being able to talk with customers in real time instead of having to wait for them to reply after a few hours or even days.

    It’s also easier for customers because it’s quicker and less intrusive than making phone calls, especially if they have pressing questions that need immediate attention. Plus, there are no long hold times involved when using live chat software; it’s quick and easy!

    5. Live chat creates an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell

    Upselling and cross-selling are great ways to increase your sales. If you sell shirts, for example, you could offer a customer who buys one shirt the option to also purchase a matching hat or scarf while they’re checking out.

    Upselling is when you offer customers a more expensive version of the product they want to buy (like upgrading your phone storage or laptop specs). Cross-selling is when you offer them related products that go along with their original purchase (like getting a gadget stand with your tablet).

    This means that with live chat software and a dedicated team, you can recommend related products or services that a customer wouldn’t be able to quickly see on their own. 

    6. Live chats reduce cart abandonment rates

    Live chats are a great way to convert more people into customers and reduce cart abandonment rates. After all, if you’re able to answer your customer’s questions in real time, they’ll be less likely to be upset with other aspects of the shopping experience.

    Most people are hesitant about buying things online because they don’t know what it’s going to look like or how it’ll work. With live chats, you can show them exactly how your product functions or in what ways your service can be incorporated into their lives. 

    7. Chat transcripts boost productivity and simplify customer management

    Live chat transcripts and compatible tools are also useful for training and improving your business. If you’re using live chat software, it should have the ability to save the transcript of each conversation and convert that into usable data. You can then go back and review this information (how customers were helped, who helped them and what kind of questions they asked) for your business’ benefit.

    If there’s one thing that will help you grow as a business owner, it’s improving your customer service skills. Having access to a record of every conversation you’ve had with customers will help train your employees on how best to respond in certain situations.

    What’s more, you should be considering software that’s compatible with some of the analytical tools you’re already using. This way, you can have easy implantation and make business strategy changes based on the findings brought about by our live chat service.