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    5 Mistakes That Sabotage Livechat Services And How To Avoid Them

    Image by Mart Production from Pexels

    Live chat is one of the most powerful tools that a business can use to provide a better customer experience. It allows you to communicate with customers in real-time and doesn’t require them to wait on hold or go through automated phone menus. But if you’re not careful, your livechat system can also be one of the most dangerous things for your bottom line.

    That’s because if something goes wrong with your livechat software or service, it could leave your customers feeling abandoned – and that’s bad for business! To help you avoid these mistakes, here are five common ways businesses sabotage their own livechats that you should learn from:

    Mistake #1 – Not keeping a consistent schedule.

    This is the most common mistake that companies make when setting up livechat for their business. The main reason for this is that you can’t just set up and forget about it – livechat solutions need to be optimised to run as efficiently as possible, which means it needs constant attention. 

    This includes updating your software, ensuring everything is working correctly, fixing any bugs or glitches in the system and ensuring your staff have been trained on how everything works, including sticking to a schedule.

    Mistake #2 – Not optimising the livechat service.

    If your livechat service is not optimised, you won’t get as many leads and sales as you could be getting. You also don’t want to waste money on a livechat service that doesn’t meet your needs when so many other options are available! In order to optimise your livechat software, here are some things to keep in mind:

    • Make sure that you are using the livechat software to its full potential. You might have so many features available on the page that you don’t even know what they all do! Take some time to learn about the different features, and decide which ones you want to use in order to get the most out of your livechat service.
    • Ensure your livechat agents are well-trained. This is a big one because if your agents don’t know how to answer questions or help customers out, you won’t get the results you want. You can either hire someone who knows what they are doing or take some time yourself to learn how to use the software so that you can train your employees.

    Mistake #3 – Failing to communicate effectively with the customer.

    The third mistake is failing to effectively communicate with the customer. Most people don’t realise how important it is for a live chat agent to be able to communicate well. The ability of the agent and the customer to effectively understand each other is key in getting your customers’ questions answered, issues resolved, and problems solved.

    If you aren’t able to get these things done, then it won’t matter how good of an answer you give them because they won’t be satisfied in the long run.

    Effective communication involves being polite, courteous and respectful of their time—which means no one wants you to spend more than ten minutes on any conversation if possible. 

    Mistake #4 – Not training employees in the various functions of the livechat software. 

    Training employees on live chat software usage is important for several reasons. The first reason is that it ensures that all employees have access to the same information and can provide consistent answers. A second reason is that training helps employees learn how to use the livechat service in a variety of situations, which will help them improve customer satisfaction levels.

    A third reason why training employees on the livechat service is beneficial is that it provides them with tips on how to handle difficult or frustrating customers, which can also lead to higher customer satisfaction rates. 

    Finally, by providing ongoing training sessions throughout the year (or even once every two or three months), you’ll be able to keep all your agents up-to-date with new features and changes.

    Mistake #5 – Never addressing the issues that arise in the livechat service. 

    You may not always be able to address every issue that occurs during your livechat sessions. But it’s important to try, especially if the customer is asking for help or complaining about an issue. If you don’t work with them in some way, they will probably leave negative feedback on your site or in other places where people can see it.

    To keep this from happening, make sure you train employees on how to respond appropriately when addressing issues in a livechat service. This includes:

    • Giving customers the information they need so that they can solve their own problems (i.e. providing links and instructions)
    • Being polite and respectful (even if a customer is rude or angry)
    • Listening carefully before answering any questions

    Livechat is one of the most powerful tools a business can use to provide a better customer experience.

    Livechat can help you increase sales, conversions and brand awareness. Livechat also has the potential to reduce customer service costs and improve your ability to retain customers.

    But before you dive into setting up livechat on your website, keep in mind the common mistakes that businesses make when planning their livechat strategy. Make sure you avoid these mistakes so that your business benefits from the power of live chat!

    At Greechat, we help businesses drive sales by proactively engaging customers 24/7 through our fully managed live chat service.