Top Ways To Prevent Abandoned Carts Via Live Chat

Sally is one of the millions of visitors who come to your website each day, but she’s not typical. You know her from her previous visits, and you’re confident she’s close to checkout.

She may be new to your website, or she might be one of your loyal customers who loves your products and services. But whatever the case, Sally is a great example for this article because she’s a visitor who’s likely to abandon carts.

We’ve all seen Sally on the website browsing through different categories and looking at different products – some are interesting, but none are compelling enough for her to make a purchase decision. She looks at other retailers’ sites, too as they have many more options and smart customer service, and they’re easier to navigate than yours!

When she sees that there’s still no obvious reason for her to buy anything, she clicks away from your site.

How sales-focused live chat can help 

People will abandon carts if they don’t see the value of what you’re offering. So, it’s important to ensure that your customers actually see what they’re buying. Read on to learn more about the benefits of live chat customer service to prevent your customers from abandoning carts.

With Greechat’s sales-focused live chat tool, you’re placed in a unique position to communicate with and influence the behaviour of your website visitors. You can target specific kinds of visitors and guide them towards your desired outcome. 

For example, if Sally is a returning visitor who has stayed on the checkout page for more than 90 seconds, you can trigger the chat box to pop up with something that would motivate Sally to make the final leap.

You can also create a very effective onboarding process by guiding new customers through various stages of the purchase cycle. For example, if Sally wants to buy your product but hasn’t completed her profile yet, you can direct her towards completing her profile first before making a purchase.

This way, she can get the most out of your product and make a purchase. You can even send her some additional information after she completes her profile, such as customer reviews that may influence her buying decision.

Chatbots can also be very effective in helping you retain your customers. We all know that customer retention is one of the most important metrics for any business. It’s often more cost-effective to keep existing customers than find new ones, so it’s essential to focus on keeping them happy with your product or service. 

Chat software can help you achieve this by offering valuable tips and advice on how to use your product better, providing suggestions for additional products or services, or simply making sure that customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Adding sufficient product information for more leads

Tom, another shopper, is on a website selling gadgets and is considering which DSLR camera to purchase. He decides to hop offline and go into a camera store instead, where a sales assistant can explain to him the pros and cons of each model.

At the store, he says, ‘I need to know whether Model Y is better suited to my needs, even though I originally wanted to purchase Model X.’

Tom will have the opportunity to compare features and costs between the two models. He will be able to choose one that best fits his budget and lifestyle.

In this situation, he would benefit from researching online resources before visiting a physical store. This way, he could check out reviews of different cameras on sites such as Amazon or YouTube before making his final decision.

When you meet a potential customer face to face, it’s hard to know what their needs and expectations are. You have no idea of the amount of time they’ve spent researching products on the internet or how many times they’ve visited your competitors’ websites.

If you’re selling a product online, you should be able to provide customers with all the information they need before they invest their money in your products or services. This way, when they leave your website, they’ll know whether or not they want to make an order with you.

So how do you keep them on your website? 

Top ways for customer retention on your website

The best way to prevent your customers from abandoning carts is to have a personal consultation with them. By speaking directly with the customer, you’ll be able to ask questions and get an understanding of their needs.

This helps you figure out how to make the shopping experience as easy, fun and enjoyable as possible.
When it comes to online shopping, there are two main ways that customers abandon carts – either because they don’t want to wait for their order or because they don’t see the value in what they’re buying.

The latter is usually caused by a lack of value for money, so if your product isn’t giving them anything extra or unique, then it’s likely that they’ll just go elsewhere.

An efficient way to prevent this from happening is by adding a personal touch to consultations and explaining exactly why your product is better than other options out there, which makes website chat an essential part of improving customer experience.

If you’re selling t-shirts on Amazon or eBay, then this is especially important because these sites are often crowded and time-consuming for customers to navigate through. Personalised consultations will help them quickly find out information about your products without having to spend too much time looking around at all those different products in different categories.

At Greechat, aside from helping you satisfy customers with even better consultations and support for them, we can also help you have more sales and deeper customer insights. 

We do just that by providing the software, agents and management team to proactively engage your visitors 24/7 through live chat.

Have a customer satisfaction rating that your business deserves. Achieve it with Greechat.