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    Live Chat: Best Website Chat Feature to Have on Your Business Website

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    New users have so many options when it comes to their first impression of your business. They can Google your site, read any reviews they find, or even look at how you respond to other visitors on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. A website chat widget feature offers a way for visitors to reach out to you directly – especially ones who are unsure about buying something from your site. 

    Having a direct line of communication with them can help improve conversion rates and keep them coming back again the next time they’re looking for that specific product. Read on to discover what online chat web site features to have on your site: 

    Why is website chat good for business?

    A website chat support system is one of the best features you can add to your business’s website. Customers are more likely to buy from you if they don’t feel apprehensive about the purchase – website chat can help with that. Having a conversion rate of 50% or higher is absolutely ideal for any business. Website chat can help you increase those numbers by providing reassurance and information to customers who might be on the fence about buying from you. 

    Having a chat feature on your site also opens up opportunities to gather more data about your customers. This data can help you tailor your sales strategy to better suit your audience. It can also help you gather information about products your customers prefer, buying patterns, and more.

    Website Chat Features to Consider

    Customer service hours

    Before you implement a website chat feature, ensure that your CSRs are always available. If the live chat is offline often, it might discourage customers from using the feature.

    Wait times

    If you have a website chat feature, make sure that you include a wait time estimate in your pop-up window. This lets customers know how long they may have to wait before someone responds to their message. 

    Real-time chat

    Real-time chat can help you offer exceptional customer service to individuals who might be nervous about purchasing from you or are particularly excited about a product and want to start using it now. Real-time chat works best with products that have a short turnaround time, like food delivery.

    Proactive chat invitations

    Proactive chat invitations are a way for you to get more customers to use your website chat feature. With proactive chat invitations, you can actively invite customers to reach out to you for help, as they may not always want to make the first step to reach out to you. 

    Chat window docking

    Chat window docking is a way for you to present more information and links in your chat window. For example, if you work for an eCommerce site, you can show your customer the items they’ve recently viewed or products that are similar to what they’re looking for. This lets your customer see all the information they need to make a decision quickly and move the chat along. 

    You can also dock your website chat feature in the ‘My Account’ section of your site. This way, customers who are logged into their accounts can see your chat window and respond quickly. Chat window docking is a great way to ensure customers have all the information they need to decide. If you don’t want to be limited to displaying information in your chat window, you can also use other docking features, like sliders and tabs.

    Real-time typing view

    Real-time typing-view is, as the name suggests, a view of the person who is typing at any given time. While this might seem like an invasion of privacy, it’s actually very helpful. When someone is using website chat, they are likely to make mistakes. They might type the wrong thing or forget to finish a sentence. 

    With a real-time typing view, you can see what they’re typing and offer corrections or suggestions as they go. This allows you to make sure your customer gets exactly what they need without feeling like they’re being corrected the entire time. It’s also great for taking notes on the conversation so that you can send follow-up emails and help your customers better.

    Having a website chat feature can be one of the best ways to improve and boost your sales. With a chat feature, you can offer exceptional customer service, provide information about your products, and answer questions about your business. Website chat is a great way to engage with customers – especially those who are on the fence about making a purchase from your site. 

    It can be a great way for them to get their questions answered. Website chat is also a great way to keep your customers coming back for more. If they have a positive experience, they’re more likely to buy from you again. The best thing about website chat is that it isn’t exclusive to eCommerce sites. You can add the feature to your site no matter what kind of products or services you offer. 

    At Greechat, we’re in the business of making sure customers keep coming back, thanks to a 24/7 professional sales team.