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    Olark Live Chat Software Review

    You can’t ask customers to come to you if you’re not there. When you leave your customers unanswered and unassisted, you’ll be losing potential customers and even your current ones. The thing is, we all have limited time and resources, so it’s pretty hard to be in two places at once. And that’s where Live Chat Software comes in handy.

    Live chat on website is a real blessing for busy businesses that want to stay connected with their clients and provide them with the best service possible. With this software, you’re able to answer your clients’ questions instantly, regardless of the time or day of the week. It’s a great way to keep things running smoothly for your business because of its many outstanding features.

    There are two fundamental reasons why live chat is so successful.

    First, live chat allows you to take proactive steps toward customers as they arrive at your site. Instead of waiting for them to call, write or email you, live chat allows you to reach out first with a friendly welcome, answer any questions and most importantly of all, close sales.

    Live chat allows you to take immediate steps toward customers as they arrive at your site. When used effectively, it increases your conversion rates and boosts sales which is why it’s so important.

    Second, live chat website support has a human touch which makes a huge difference in the buying process. Customers have access to real people who can answer questions about products, make recommendations and serve as an intermediary between the customer and the company.

    It’s one thing to buy something from a faceless corporation – it’s entirely another to have an actual person who wants to help you get your order right and see that everything goes smoothly.

    Taking a look at Olark’s Live Chat Software

    All of these are true when we look at the Olark Live Chat software. It’s also flexible and easy to use so you can be online right now with little or no setup required.

    However, with Olark, in order to keep up with the fast pace of online customer service, you need a team that can focus on it without neglecting other responsibilities or losing sight of your company’s mission or goals. Your sales team should be trained in every aspect of customer relations, including product knowledge and live chatting, so they can answer questions before they become complaints.

    Having a live chat system is a great way to engage with potential and existing customers. It’s much easier for them to get in touch with you and for you to get in touch with them. However, installing live chat software on your website is only the start of the solution to proactive customer engagement. 

    To reap maximum results, you ultimately need a trained, professional team of sales agents to elevate your online presence and give your business that extra edge. Sales agents who are focused on customer satisfaction will not only improve your image but also become ambassadors for your business. 

    But what if you don’t have enough team members to focus solely on customer support 24/7? What if you don’t have the extra budget needed? What if you don’t want to hire the extra employees needed for this?

    This is where most live chat software falls short. Much like Olark, a lot of them don’t provide comprehensive and constant support for their users. Most of them just provide the live chat software and are done.

     If you’re looking for live chat software and support that is there for you every step of the way and can help you with everything there has to do with customer care, Greechat is your best bet.

    What makes Greechat stand out?

    In these modern times, technology has made it possible for businesses to expand their reach without having to locally hire additional employees. A large enterprise can become accessible through a simple computer or smartphone, but that doesn’t mean the customer service experience is the same.

     When you outsource your live chat support to Greechat, you not only have access to simple software code that takes little time or effort to install but you also get a fully managed team of sales agents working under two layers of management to monitor, maintain and report on the effectiveness of your new investment.

    Your business doesn’t have to invest in new resources or stretch existing ones to cover your live chat software. No matter how large or small your company is, Greechat will handle all of your live chat support so you don’t have to. Your website is covered by 8 live chat agents during business hours, even during traffic spikes. 

    By outsourcing your live chat support, you can save time, manpower and money. You can focus on other important aspects of your business while we do what we do best: provide outstanding customer service without breaking the bank!

    Each month, you will receive a report showing what your business is doing well or where it needs to improve. Greechat also provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your customer’s web experience and identifies areas for improvement or investment. Talk to us today!