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    How To Utilise Chat Metrics For Your Website’s Live Chat

    The best approach to take with live chat is to build a consistent strategy around it. That means working with your sales, marketing and customer service teams to understand how the tool can be used most effectively. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    Understand the metrics of your business. A live chat tool will deliver data on how many people are using it and how many conversations are taking place. But you need to understand what those numbers mean for your business. What’s the average length of each chat? What’s the average number of chats per user? And so on. If you don’t know these things, start by tracking them yourself by hand.

    Work with your sales team to identify common questions and objections that come up during sales calls or emails. You’ll then want to create ‘sales personas’ – i.e., personas that represent your target customer – so that when someone asks about features or pricing, you can respond in real-time with a template answer that addresses their common questions and objections.

    Make sure your live chat agents know how important it is for them to be professional and friendly at all times – even when they’re dealing with difficult customers or having technical issues themselves (which happens).

    Greechat provides qualitative data on what your customers are thinking, their pain points, and information on how your business can be improved. Moreover, by using digital marketing DNA and patented technology, we go beyond just delivering more leads and conversions.

    What we mean when we say ‘metrics’ 

    Live chat is a quick and easy way to connect with customers. You can instantly see who is on your site and how they are interacting with it. But what if you could use that information to get more leads?

    If you are able to utilise a livechat system, you will be able to understand your customers and provide a personalized experience that builds trust. This is what makes your business stand out from the competition.

    Metrics are measurements that help us understand how well our products or services are performing. These could be things like conversion rates or customer satisfaction scores, but they can also include more technical data such as page load speeds or bounce rates.

    Furthermore, the purpose of metrics is to help us understand what’s working, what isn’t, and why. They allow us to make smarter decisions about how we approach our work and make sure that we’re always improving.

    With Greechat, there is an extensive range of live chat metrics to constantly assess and optimize the performance of your platform. Our technology is unique in the market in its ability to track exactly what digital marketing initiative drove a lead through live chat.

    Types of metrics

    Live chat is a great way to get direct feedback from customers. In addition to the quantitative data you receive through live chat, there are also qualitative data that can provide deep insights and help you better understand your customers’ needs.

    If you want to track the success of your live chat solution, it’s important to understand which metrics are most relevant for your business and how they can be applied in a meaningful way.

    Here are some common live chat metrics:

    Conversion rate – This shows how many people who engage in an interaction with your chatbot convert into sales or leads. The conversion rate will vary depending on what type of business you’re in and what type of engagement your chatbot offers (such as booking appointments or requesting information).

    Average handle time – This measures how long it takes to respond to a customer inquiry from start to finish. It’s important that this time be as short as possible because customers might get frustrated if they have to wait too long before getting their issue resolved by a human agent; however, if agents spend too little time with each client, then they may not be able to provide the level of service customers expect. 

    Customer satisfaction – This is an important metric because you want your chatbot to be able to handle customer inquiries effectively. If your chatbot isn’t able to solve issues satisfactorily, then it might not come back.

    Response time and customer satisfaction can both be measured using surveys or other methods of collecting feedback from customers.

    How Greechat does more than just conversion rates

    Every online business is online 24/7 and can’t afford to stop responding to visitors’ needs and questions.

    Your visitors aren’t the only ones who have questions. Your sales team has questions too! Questions that they can’t answer because they don’t have the right information at their fingertips.

    Our live chat helps your sales team provide the kind of service that everyone expects today. We put you in control of your own data and statistics so you can see what works and what doesn’t, so you get better every time and get more. 

    And as we are about converting engagement into revenue, Greechat gives you a total view of all customer interactions and allows your agents to respond instantly with confidence, enabling you to proactively engage your website visitors before they’ve even left the site.

    If you are now ready to take your customer service to the next level, contact Greechat today.