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    The Live Chat

    As an enterprising individual, you may already know that the live chat service options available on the web can help you take your business to a whole new level. Perhaps you’ve even been busy searching for terms like ‘live chat free’ or ‘online communication app’ to form stronger and more long-lasting bonds with your beloved customer base. 

    However, with thousands upon thousands of choices out there, how do you begin choosing a live chat service provider? Not to worry, you’ve just discovered us at Greechat, which means you can avoid all the headaches and the lengthy decision-making process. Through our friendly representatives and bespoke business chat service, you can find the most suitable offer for your unique requirements. 

    Come and partner with us today to secure a custom live chat solution that’ll increase your potential for sales. 

    Is it expensive to put together a live chat support team?

    Seeing that you’re a hardworking enterprise owner, you might have spent some time thinking about whether or not you should make the live chat support team of your business dreams. While your valiant aspiration should be commended by the rest of the administrative staff, the truth is that it can be quite expensive to assemble a customer service department all on your own. 

    To give you a better idea, if you’re interested in hiring and training your own live agent team, not only would you have to allot precious work hours to upskill these individuals, but you’d also have to shell out a fortune for the setups (desktops, laptops, peripherals, etc.) you’d have to implement in-house. 

    We at Greechat have calculated the live chat cost for DIY methods, and as such, we pride ourselves on having a fully managed live chat service that includes support teams you can onboard at a competitive price. 

    Our average account is comprised of eight agents, two QAs, one supervisor, and one account manager. Rest assured that each chat agent has already mastered the fundamentals of the customer service system and is more than equipped to address the concerns of your website guests. 

    What’s more, if there’s a question that they can’t directly answer or requires more context from your brand guide, then they’ll be sure to consult with you so that they can provide an accurate and well-thought-out response. This information will also be stored in the business chat database for future reference should similar enquiries arise. 

    Consider Greechat today and better connect with your customers through an online chat web site feature! 

    What are some cost-efficient customer service systems?

    There are several cost-efficient customer service systems, such as email support, social media, self-service, and automated responses. While these options work for some, they just don’t hold a candle to the top live chat outsourcing solutions:

    • Email support. This allows customers to send inquiries or issues at any time and allows you to respond at your own pace. The downside is that the responses aren’t as quick as a livechat system from Greechat.
    • Social media. This can be a quick and convenient way to reach out to a large number of customers at once, but Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram conversations won’t give you insightful analytics like what Greechat can offer. 
    • Self-service. Creating a knowledge page or FAQ section on your website can allow customers to find answers to common questions on their own, but the reality is that customers don’t really want to spend too much time scrolling through your platform. The live chat feature from us at Greechat can help them quickly get the information they want. 
    • Automated responses. Using automated responses and chatbots can help you provide quick and consistent responses to common inquiries. However, nothing really beats the personalised responses given by managed live chat agents from Greechat. 

    After comparing online chat support with the other alternatives out there, feel free to reach out to us at Greechat for both advanced software and a trainable team.

    What are some live chat options for small businesses?

    Some of the live-chat solutions for small businesses would include those that have an easy set-up process, support 24/7, and, last but not least, quick ROI (return on investment). 

    • Easy set-up process. No one wants to temporarily close their small business website for months just to install a live chat online feature. Rather than missing opportunities, you should look to us at Greechat for live chat options with a code implementation that only takes two minutes.
    • Support 24/7. Not all of your customers will visit your website during business hours. We at Greechat understand this, and that’s why we offer all-day support. Just keep in mind that we can also adjust and work based on a schedule that meets your off-season requirements.
    • Quick ROI. Aside from taking care of your customers, you should also be experiencing positive returns with a live chat for website pages. At Greechat, we’re extremely proud of what we have to offer, and for this reason, our first month together will be contract-free. This way, you can rest easy as you view the data and statistics after just one month. 

    We at Greechat provide powerful live chat options that can help your business improve customer satisfaction and thus drive up sales. With our fully managed live chatting system, you can engage with your website guests in real-time while answering their questions and addressing their concerns quickly and efficiently. 

    So whether you’re a small business looking to give better support to your customers or a large business looking to streamline your customer service operations, the live chat system at Greechat can be the solution for you. Try us out and see the difference we can make to your enterprise!